Monday , October 18 2021

Living Foods for Living Bodies – Mango and Watermelon Summer Bliss!

By Regina Thomas Dillard

Hello. My name is Regina Dillard, and I am a certified raw food/vegan chef, instructor, and wellness advocate. In this new column, I will be sharing with you delicious, easy, and “good for your body” recipes. These are my personal recipes and ideas to inspire you to embark on a healthy, plant-based lifestyle.

Mango Lime Mint Sorbet

3 cups frozen mangoes

Juice from 3 limes, or 2 for less tartness

5 mint leaves

3 Tbsp. raw agave nectar

Optional: unsweetened, unflavored sparkling water

In a food processor, combine all ingredients and blend until smooth, stopping one or two times to scrape the bowl. Once thoroughly combined, pour the mixture into a freezer-safe bowl, and cover tightly with plastic wrap. Freeze for 1 1/2 to 2 hours. After freezing, the sorbet is now ready to scoop into individual serving dishes. Serve immediately. Optional: Pour sparkling water over sorbet to make it a frappe’ dessert.

Watermelon Lime Basil Cooler

6 cups cubed watermelon (seeds removed)

3 limes, juiced

1/4 cup raw agave nectar (less, depending on watermelon sweetness)

6 lime basil leaves

lime slices, for garnish (optional)

ice cubes

Place ingredients in blender and process until smooth. Pour into pitcher, chill in refrigerator at least one hour before serving. If you prefer a drink with less pulp, strain through a fine-mesh sieve set over a large bowl; discard the solids and enjoy the juice. Serve over ice with lime slices and lime basil leaves for garnish.


Regina Thomas Dillard is a certified raw food chef, instructor, author, and founder of Inner Sanctum Wellness, which provides holistic wellness products and services, and living food classes. Find more information at:

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