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Let There Be Light – How Light Signifies Life

In the introduction to his bestselling book, The Road Less Travelled, Dr. M. Scott Peck, affirmed, “Life is difficult.” Since the dawn of human civilization when the human ego-spirit was not constrained by the Great Spirit and permitted to evolve freely, transcend all other creatures and become truly conscious, ‘to know with,’ in the context of the Great Spirit, life has been very difficult for every man, woman and child. Having acquired heaps of knowledge and armed with digital technology, humanity has found things to be particularly challenging in the 21st century. This begs the question, why doesn’t all this knowledge and technology help us lead a simple and effortless life? Must we now pray that knowledge does not lead us into a difficult and burdensome life that increasingly appears to be a bottomless pit?

Two thousand years ago, Jesus instructed the people in Palestine, who were finding life difficult back then, to pray, “Our Father in heaven … lead us not into temptation.” Isn’t it strange that it is our Father in Heaven who may lead us into temptation, as opposed to the devil? Actually, it is not strange at all. For it is also written that “There is none besides me.”

Since Jesus walked on earth, humanity has amassed a great deal of knowledge, which has had us believe that light is that all there is; everything in the universe is made of light. Therefore, scientific principles posit that there is nothing besides Light. Nevertheless, knowledge entails being acutely aware of factual information. We still have absolutely no idea who, what, or why we are here. Moreover, we are totally unaware of our true purpose and cannot function smoothly without experiencing any difficulty.

Light is the only entity in existence; according to quantum mechanics, light or matter has the properties of both wave and particle. In essence, this is the duality of the only thing that exists – creating all visible and invisible things. This light is the elementary manifestation of the body (matter) and the spirit (energy,) signifying the duality of existence. It is the eternally present Matter/Energy/Light –Body, Spirit and Awareness.

However, knowledge has brought forth many notions clouding our awareness (Life), obscuring our vision of life and leading us astray from what should be our singular mission: attaining the state of this everlasting awareness – life. Awareness or consciousness has its distinct character, which is the duality of consciousness; the conscious-conscience equivalence of uniformity. It is identical to electromagnetism in its character, which also finds its duality in mass-energy equivalence.

Knowledge is inevitable in the growth of awareness, and conscience is the constitution of consciousness, which imparts equilibrium to awareness, bringing eternal stability and equality into existence. The true Light blessed us with this constitution that is poignantly called the Beatitudes, the most enlightening words ever written to reveal the way to attain oneness with God.

“Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father in heaven is perfect.” – Matt. 5:48

Light signifies existence and Life. It is God. Darkness signifies non-existence or death. Therefore, it is bereft of any source. It’s a consequence of the ignorance of our true being.

Now, light can be revealed, concealed and even put out. Therefore, it has a Source. Simultaneously, it is the Light Giver who gives awareness to all. It is this fire that lights all lamps, great and small.

The way we manage our awareness (life) exacerbates our difficulty or imbues ease within our lives. Conscious means to know with, and life is ‘knowing with’ the conscience of God or the Love of our Beloved God. It is the Holy Spirit of Truth, the faultless character of God, which we are called to be. Thus, it is written, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God.” In the absence of eternal light, life becomes difficult. It brings hell into your existence. By following the path of this eternal light, the Conscience of God leads us to paradise which we all seek.

That was the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world. — John 1:9

In the beginning was the Light, and the Light was with God, and the Light was God. All things were made through Light, and without Light, nothing was made that was made. In Light was Life, and the Life was, the Light of men. And the Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.

“I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.” — Jesus

A consciousness without a conscience is akin to electricity without a lightbulb, incredible energy subsisting in the depth of darkness, a body without a spirit, a soul without character. So, let there be light in you, and let it glow brightly like a cherished star of God.


Rohan and Mohan Perera are the authors of “What is Man: From the World of Ro and Mo.” They are siblings from Sri Lanka and educated in England. In 2008, they created the World of Ro and Mo, to promote both self-awareness and empowerment through a periscope of both faith and science.

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