Interview with Stacy Chandler from Stacy’s Place of Healing Part II

by Anna J Anthony


This is a second part of interview with Stacy Chandler. 
Anna Anthony (AA): How supportive were your friends and family when you decided to start your practice? 
Stacy Chandler (SC):  I have been gifted since I was seven years old, yet I never talked about it because there was no one else in my family that connected or believed. It was very hard to step into this. I had a lot of people telling me not to quit my day job. My husband was incredibly supportive. I have an amazing network of people since I stepped into my truth. As we rise, our friends change because they no longer meet us where we are at. I lost a lot of friends on this path, yet the people that I have in my life are amazing. It’s about teaching people to raise their vibration so that those people are no longer impacting them.  
AA: You stated that to do this type of work you must be clear. How do you keep yourself clear? 
SC: Boundaries. I look at it like planting seeds. Everyone I work with I plant a seed, and I leave it up to them to water it, because the minute I want to get involved in watering it is when it impacts my field, and impacts my ability to help others. I was a collector of lost souls. Once I learned to set boundaries, I experienced healing. I also practice meditation. I am very cognizant about how I feel every day, why I feel that way, and how can I change it, if needed. 
AA: You have expressed that you have a passion for working with people who are battling social anxiety and depression based on your personal experiences. Tell us more about that. 
SC: There was a time when I suffered from social anxiety and depression. I understand how it is; I overcame it, and this changed my life. I like to work with people that suffer from anxiety and depression, and to educate people that the mix of a doctor and someone who is into holistic health is the perfect match. Doing all of one or the other is not a good thing. I’ve been both, and so I think it is energy work. I like to help people unravel what is going on; what is chemical? What is behavior? What is choice? What choices are you making? I help people be accountable. I think that I am really good at what I do because I am willing to meet people where they are.
AA: Stacy, your practice is so ego-free, and I sense, as well as see that your focus is always 100% on the person you are working with. You humbly surrender to your guides, source, and spirit. Has that been an easy surrender? 
SC: I’ve had a big lesson in surrender. It’s really hard to do when you are a control freak. Faith; I have absolute 100% faith. My pet business was the stepping stone to this, because you cannot lie to animals. It taught me about my energy, and how my energy was being transferred onto them. When you are walking 12 dogs a day, then your energy has to be clear, especially if it’s a big dog. They react, and they sense. I had a Doberman that really sparked this. My specialty was working with aggressive animals. I had to have faith & forget the rules. I stand aside, and let the guides do the work. I strive to be a clear channel of love, and meet people where they are. 
You can contact Stacy Chandler by email at: [email protected], or visit her website at:

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