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Full Moon September 13, 2019 – Health, Luck and Efficient Energy

By Donna Stellhorn

This Full Moon in Pisces brings us quite positive energy, especially for taking care of health, letting go of the past and making significant forward progress on a cherished goal. The Sun is sitting with Mars bringing lots of energy to the tasks at hand. Motivation is high as Jupiter squares the Full Moon forming a T-square and bringing luck and opportunity with it. Everyone will feel this energy and some will experience it intensely. This could be the most productive four weeks of the entire year.

There is positive health energy as the Sun, Mars, Venus and Mercury are all moving through Virgo. You may feel inspired to eat healthfully and exercise. You may have indulged at the beginning of the month but now that the Full Moon is lighting up your path you see that taking care of your health is the way to go.

Venus and Mercury sit at the last degree of Scorpio signaling a desire to end a bad habit, make a change, finish a project or let go of whatever clutter is in your way. It’s rare that these two line up together so perfectly. This also brings a strong interest in art, beauty and design, as well as the sensual side of people.

Saturn now walks hand-in-hand with the South Node as they travel in retrograde together. The South Node represents that place you go when you’re scared or sad, like trying to return to the womb. But Saturn, the authority figure, blocks this path. There is only moving forward now. There is no place to hide. Saturn gives you a curt pep talk and sends you forward towards your destiny. You can feel compelled to work on your true goals.

You are feeling good as you clear your desk of one project after the next. You are ready to tackle more. You may turn your sights to decluttering the garage or attic. You may be starting a new job later towards the beginning of October, or you may be getting a new supervisor at your current place. Your spirituality is strong now, and you can receive many messages through meditation and dreams. A secret admirer may reveal themselves to you, but you may have already moved on.

Financially, this is a strong month with an investment or business starting to take off. You may have some paperwork, contracts or other formalities to finish. A trip back home or to a place you’ve been before may be delayed or need to be rescheduled. Romance is highlighted this month, and if you’re looking for love, you can find interesting prospects at sporting events, races and festivals. The energy around children is very active. Your kids may need you now more than usual.

There is a lot of activity around home and relationships. You may be bringing someone new into the home, getting engaged or there may be the addition of a new family member through birth or adoption—pets count too! A project at home comes to a satisfactory completion. Your ability to manifest is strong, and you can use it to bring a better situation at work. Picture what you want. There are good professionals available to you during this period to assist you with matters around health and wealth.

You may be really busy at work this month. If you own a business, you can expect an increase in profits. Communication is strong. You may be getting a new phone or perhaps doing some writing or public speaking. It may be time to consider getting a new vehicle. You are spiritually connected now. Your prayers and affirmations are manifesting before your eyes. A love relationship or close friendship lays down the law about how they want to be treated, but it should be a two-way discussion.

Finances are good, and you may be paying off an old debt. Money can come in from several sources. It’s okay to take a risk—especially in love. If you’re looking for love, it’s good to post your profile online and accept an invitation for a coffee date or two. If you’re in a love relationship, fertility energy is very strong now. If you don’t want to add to the family, you may want to take precautions. You are pushing too hard at work; take a personal day and recharge your batteries.

This is a very powerful period for Virgo natives. You can manifest what you want if you’re clear about your goals. A block that’s been in your life for some time now dissolves, freeing you to move forward. Homelife becomes peaceful, and there can be happy times with relatives. A child or younger relative comes to you for advice and may actually listen. You may want a new look. Start by decluttering your wardrobe and toss out what you no longer want to wear. A debt is paid to you and paid in full.

You’re doing a lot behind the scenes and this may mean you’re not getting the recognition you think you deserve. That said, you’re making great progress on projects that will pay off big in the future. There are a lot of opportunities for communication, such as writing, public speaking and connecting with important people. Take the time to get restful sleep, even if this means you need to redo the bedroom or your nighttime routine. A get-together involving family may be postponed.

Finances are strong even though a job or work project may be coming to an end. You may be finishing up a contract position but another is just around the corner. You are surrounded by friends and supportive people who can help you with whatever you ask. Romance is in the air and an opportunity for love is standing before you if you want it. There may be challenges with a vehicle or means of transportation. Keep an eye on your cell phone as it may wander off.

Your career energy is very positive. If you’re looking for a new job, you may have more than one opportunity. If you’re staying put, you may receive some award or recognition from management. Your own business can thrive now. That said, keep an eye on your finances and stay out of old, bad spending habits. Water issues at home may signal some unexpressed emotions building up. Time to have an open discussion. An antique you may be thinking of acquiring will be more work than it’s worth.

Education is strong and you may be completing a class or school project. If you’re a teacher, you may receive some overdue recognition for your outstanding work. Travel is good at this time, especially trips that take you into nature. Positive thinking will really have a noticeable and beneficial effect now. A spirit guide may come to you in a dream or vision and light up your path. A miscommunication ends up working out just fine and a lost item is recovered.

Finances are strong now. You can pay down debt or add to retirement savings. You can receive help with investments and find a way to make passive income in the future. Consider doing automatic deposits. You have lots of friends around you. Important people take notice of you and offer assistance. You may be staying up too late at night or not sticking to your schedule. I f your sleep is disturbed by others, it’s good
to take steps to remedy the situation.
A solution to a tech problem is found.

This is your Full Moon and can be one of the most significant months of the year. Relationships of all kinds figure prominently during these four weeks. If you’ve been dating, you may take the relationship to a new level. If you’ve been trying to let go of someone from the past, you are more successful in purging your mind of old patterns. Career is going well, and you may receive an overdue raise, bonus or some other token of the company’s appreciation. If this isn’t to your liking, speak up. You will be heard.

Donna Stellhorn is an astrologer, Feng Shui expert and author of 15 books. Her website is You can follow her on Instagram@donnastellhorn or see her videos on YouTube at

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