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Full Moon October 13, 2019 – The Power to Transform

By Donna Stellhorn

This Full Moon in Aries will be an exceptional time. There is great potential energy here which could be harnessed for your purposes. This Sun/Moon opposition brings in the energy of Pluto, the planet of transformation, into an exact T-Square, giving you the desire and opportunity to make meaningful changes to an area of your life. Additionally, Jupiter, the planet of luck, blesses the bold transformation you’ve set out to do and helps you get the best possible outcome. The bolder the action, the more luck you have.

The general focus of this Aries/Libra Full Moon is on relationships of all kinds. You can form new partnerships and meet new, wonderful people. But you must also look at existing relationships. You may need to set up boundaries where you hadn’t needed them before. And, you may wish to end a close friendship or relationship unless there can be an agreement to revamp this connection.

There’s a desire for something new as Venus opposes Uranus and semi-sextiles Mars. You may find yourself bored with many things in your life. You could start tossing out clothes or wanting to redecorate the house. It’s possible you may want to go deeper and change aspects of yourself. You may want to explore new ways of looking at love
and romance. This is a good month
to experiment.

Your spiritual will is strong as Mercury forms a Water Grand Trine with Neptune, the planet of vision and spirituality, and the North Node, the indicator of your life path. This is a good period to use magic and spiritual practices to make a sacred connection with the Universe and your guides. Add meditation, candle lighting, smudging, tapping and other modalities to your daily routines. Cut cords with the past and be open to hearing the messages coming in signs and symbols.

An important business contact is available to you over the next four weeks, symbolized by the tight Full Moon connection to Pluto. Initially, you may feel like it’s their way or no way, but you can strike a beneficial deal in the end. Clear communication can really help as it activates the Trine from Jupiter and the Pluto T-Square. There’s a beneficial Grand Trine for you in water houses indicating support from your family as well as a benefit towards your healing and health. Travel is lucky this month.

There may be changes to your job because of a merger, company sale or other shifts in management. There may be new systems to learn. Those older Taurus natives may have the offer of buyout towards early retirement. Happy news comes to you concerning a close relationship or involving a sibling. If you’re considering a new vehicle, now is a good time—except when Mercury goes retrograde on Halloween. Romance and fun behind closed doors are quite possible for the next few weeks.

Romance is hot and heavy now as your houses of love, sex and relationship are activated by the Pluto T-Square. You may spice up your current relationship by introducing some long-held fantasies but know you can only suggest and see what happens. A plan for debt repayment or a loan needs some additional negotiation. Recognition at work is coming. It’s good to have a vision of what you want. You may be asked soon as Neptune sits at the top of your chart trining both Mercury and the North Node.

Changes around your job or a job offer may send a cascade of changes through your home and family as the Pluto T-Square lights up your angular houses. This may be a fantastic offer, but don’t be afraid to ask for more, such as additional vacation time or a flexible work schedule. There is strong relationship energy around you. You or someone you know may be receiving a proposal of marriage or announce a pregnancy. There is luck around speculation and gambling, in case you’re planning a trip to Vegas.

There is the potential for a breakthrough on a health matter you’ve been dealing with for some time marked by the Pluto T-Square. You may get good results at the doctor’s or perhaps you’ve had an epiphany in how you take care of yourself. If you’re bored with your current job, it would help to brainstorm ideas with a friend. Your intuition is strong now. You may receive a message in a dream or see symbols and numbers in your daily life. The number 20 is most significant for you now.

You may be approached about an investment or passive income source by a family member or close friend. You may be tempted as this is part of the Pluto T-Square for you. It’s good to review all the materials carefully. A love relationship can move to a more intimate level now. You may be moving in together or at least spending the night. Financially, things are good for you now in general. You may receive a raise in income or perhaps a financial windfall lands in your hands.

There is intense energy this month for you in regards to a matter concerning your family or a family member. If there has been an ongoing disagreement, you may be asked to choose a side as this Pluto T-Square lines up in your fourth house. You may be called on to offer some support or resources to someone close to you. Negotiations for a job or contract position go very well. You may receive recognition for a job you’ve performed as the North Node fills in a Grand Trine at the top of your chart.

The truth about an important matter in your life is suddenly revealed to you. This may involve people you see on a daily basis or who live close to you. As the Pluto T-Square exposes a lie or falsehood, you have the ability to gather support for your case. You can see a remedy, but you prefer being satisfied knowing you were right about the whole matter. Money you’ve been waiting for is coming. You benefit greatly by taking a break this month. Get a massage, go to a spa or give yourself a mini-vacation.

Use caution when placing bets this month as the Pluto T-Square is lining up in your money houses. You may be tempted to throw your lot in with a friend who’s starting or running a business, or you may be thinking of taking a risk on an investment yourself. Careful calculations are needed. You’re quite psychic now; yet, your messages to a family member seem to be ignored. This month, it’s a good idea to change up your exercise routines. Spice things up. Change gyms or look for some activities that are more fun to do.

You are being too hard on yourself, especially now when others are looking your way and applauding. You may receive a tap on your shoulder for a better position at work as the Pluto T-Square aligns with your career house. Don’t sell yourself short. This is the change and excitement you need now. A love relationship gets closer. Those Capricorn natives looking for love may find a long-time friendship becomes romantic. If you don’t want pregnancy, it’s good to take precautions for the next few weeks.

Your brain is filled with ideas, what your friends may call “visionary thoughts.” You are inspired by the Water Trine, as well as the Pluto T-Square. Combat the boredom you’ve been feeling by meeting some new people at an event or conference. Travel is good for you now. A career opportunity you’ve been waiting for may come through in the next few weeks. You have the support if you want the job. Use caution around water, especially swimming or boating at night.

If you’ve been thinking to do a business venture with a friend, it’s time to act as the Pluto T-Square lights up your money houses. Plant the seeds for future success through some effort over the next few weeks. Check social media for interesting and inspiring messages. A child or younger relative confides a secret, and now you have the opportunity with the Water Trine to have a much closer and more meaningful relationship with this individual. Luck, in general, will come to you easily this month.

Donna Stellhorn
 is an astrologer, Feng Shui expert and author of 15 books. Her website is www.fengshuiform.com. You can follow her on Instagram@donnastellhorn or see her videos on YouTube at www.youtube.com/c/DonnaStellhorn.

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