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Full Moon May 18, 2019 – Giving and Receiving Support

By Donna Stellhorn

This month, we have the Taurus/Scorpio Full Moon. This energy shines a light on what you value and how others may support you. There are decisions to make but choices get easier when you know your values. If the family connection is more important than financial security, then you may choose the expensive private school for the kids and economize somewhere else. If your contribution to the world is more important than leisure time, you may spend your weekends volunteering for a charity. This month, the energy suggests you will consider your values and the order they fall in. It’s good to prioritize the values of certainty, variety, significance, love and connection, growth and contribution. Once you have the order, decisions are much easier.

In this Full Moon, the Sun is on the Pleiades. This is a cluster of stars with mixed energies. It can bring great ambition and financial rewards, but it comes with the warning of not cutting corners or taking an easy (perhaps illegal) route. You could describe the energy of this star as “pride goes before the fall.”

This Full Moon marks Mars going into Cancer and moving to sextile Uranus. This can indicate you have a lot of drive to get things done. This can bring overtime hours or a second job. This can also mean there are a lot of projects at home such as renovating the interior and landscaping the yard.

Mercury is combust the Sun. This energy can bring challenges in communication with others. People seem to disappear or you want to hide out in your PJs and watch TV for days at a time. This is temporary. In a few days, you’re back in the flow of things and ready to take on the world.

And finally, of course, there’s Saturn and Pluto inching closer together. We’ll be talking about these two powerful forces for the next year or so. This month consider what a leader is. Saturn with Pluto asks you to accept the responsibility of a leadership role. You don’t have to run a country, you may choose to be the moral compass for your family or an inspiration to your friends. The good you do will ripple out and influence many.

Here are my predictions for each sign.


You are well on your way to completing something of value. This may be a report for work, a school project or a creative endeavor. It’s time to stamp it done and release it to the world. Finances are highlighted and you may have an increase in income this month. There may be a financial windfall connected to home and family. A love affair begun last month may start to fizzle unless you have a heart to heart talk. Long-term established relationships are feeling more solid.


You are very busy this month. You are pulled in many directions. Financial opportunities center around communication. You may need to ask for a raise or ask for the sale. You would like a vacation but school or some work project seems to be a higher priority now. Due to recent changes in your life, your relationships are a bit challenging as others get used to your new schedule. However, if you’re looking for love, there’s good news as these changes are bringing you around new people.


You are singled out for praise and recognition this month even though you’re not sure what all the fanfare is about. Money flows in from an unexpected source, however, it may go out again for something needed for the home or a family member. Investments are on your mind. Keep an eye on your accounts. There are happy evenings spent at home with loved ones. Established relationships are going well. If you’re looking for love, consider being in new places. The old haunts just aren’t doing it.


This is a very busy month for Cancer natives. Friends and charitable activities have you running from one event to the next. You also may be putting in some overtime at work. This will help your financial bottom line though you may be wishing for a long weekend by the sea or a lake. While you’re doing your very best others seem unappreciative. Hear them out and then find a compromise. If you’re looking for love, consider attending a professional conference or the company team building event.


There may be changes in your career this month. You have an opportunity land on your desk that you were not expecting. This may signal a future job change or promotion. Finances are your mind but no need to worry; things are better than they first appear. Relationships are smooth and there may be contact with extended family. For those Leo natives hunting for love, make yourself visible by putting your profile on a dating site or by attending a social club for singles.


Some last-minute issues may cause changes to a trip or vacation but everything will be fine in the end. Trust your intuition when it comes to trip insurance or getting changeable tickets. You may spend time apart from a loved one but your absence will bring you closer together in the future. An education project comes to a close. Finances are steady now after some changes over the last few months. Looking for love? Try swimming, surfing, sailing or other water sports.


Finances are the focus this month. It’s a good idea to review bank accounts and perhaps consolidate bills. Income improves and you can reduce some debt now. A work opportunity translates directly into more money in the months to come. There are changes at home and a feeling of disruption perhaps due to renovations or someone moving in or out. If you’re looking for love, consider taking it slowly and not “falling into bed” with someone too early in the relationship.


This is your Full Moon. Relationships are on your mind this month. There can be changes for the better in your existing love relationship. There are breakthroughs and better understanding on both sides. Luck with money continues and you can take risks when it comes to career and job hunting. There may be a family issue around siblings or cousins that needs some discussion. If you’re looking for love, you have more options now than you’ve had in a while. Don’t hide at home. Get out and meet people.


Health issues are highlighted this month. You have the opportunity to find a solution to a problem you’ve had for a while. Finding helpful people is easier now. Try to get more rest or better-quality sleep by making some changes to your bedtime routine. Finances are improving as you’re doing more economizing. Family relationships are going well. If you’re looking for love, consider getting into the gym, joining a hiking club or working in a community garden.


The spotlight this month is on children and younger relatives. You may have a full schedule with visits from extended family or you may travel to see them. A close friend offers you a great compliment. A professional organization may ask you to take a leadership role. This gives you prestige but eats up some of your free time. Finances improve directly related to how many new people you talk to. People can bring job opportunities, sales or ideas. If you’re looking for love, no worries; love is looking for you.


You may be wrapping up a large project at work or be about to transition into another position. At the same time, there’s a lot going on at home and you may feel your schedule is as tight as it can be. While you may have some late nights, this is temporary. Finances improve with the changes you’re making. Family life grows happier. If you’re looking for love, consider attending events in your community, or travel to a music festival or large art show.


You may be traveling this month, seeing relatives or friends. It’s a memorable trip you’ll cherish even if it’s short and just to the next town over. A film or video you see has a profound impact on your thinking. Finances improve as you get more creative in ways of making or saving money. You may receive some positive health news or a new option for you to try. A person who was a friend may return as a lover, or a friend of yours may be instrumental in introducing you to your next relationship.

Donna Stellhorn is an astrologer, Feng Shui expert and author of 15 books. Her website is You can follow her on Instagram@donnastellhorn or see her videos on YouTube at

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