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Full Moon – Full Moon March 9, 2020 – A Mystical, Magical Month

By Donna Stellhorn

The March Full Moon in Virgo brings us a mystical, magical month. The sun sits with Neptune, the planet of dreams and intuition and lights up the Virgo moon. The next four weeks are a good time to explore your psychic side. Light a candle, say an affirmation, do a little magic. This energy is also good for going to the theater to see a movie or a play. Visit the ocean—even though it’s probably too cold to swim. Snuggle up with your sweetheart and talk about the day you both had.

Mercury is stationary on the day of the Full Moon. While it’s turning direct it can bring some delays in communication and problems with technology. If you’re wanting to replace a phone or laptop wait a few days for Mercury to move forward again.

Venus is conjunct Uranus giving a desire for adventure. During the next four weeks do new things, change up your routines and break some rules. It’s also a good month to consider how your preferences have been changing. Maybe you like more vegetables now or are enjoying your workouts. You might find yourself wearing more blue, wanting to be out in nature or taking a new route to work. These seemingly small changes can help open you up to bigger changes later in the year.

Jupiter and Pluto form a very powerful conjunction. There may be something you want to control or push in the direction of your choosing. You might be looking for a job with more responsibility and more rewards. This month, read through your goals and express your desires to the Universe. Your spiritual family is listening.

Saturn moves into Aquarius on March 21 at the same time the sun moves into Aries for the first day of Spring. Saturn will retrograde back into Capricorn in July, but for now, there’s a preview of this new energy. Saturn is often seen as building your career. Over the next two and a half years in Aquarius, Saturn will ask you to build your legacy.

You need a break. This month, consider taking a vacation. This could be a trip to a beautiful place with water and views, or it may be to see extended family and welcome a new addition to the clan. Changes in how you handle your money are happening. Perhaps a “no spend” month is helping your bank account plump up. There’s lots of activity in your career, overtime is probable. Love is happening behind closed doors. Romance is blooming, but you are keeping it under the covers right now.

A friend may want to set you up on a blind date. If you’re looking for love, this could be a great opportunity to bring in some romance. You may consider a new hairstyle, a different type of glasses or a new outfit. You are turning heads with your new style. A new job is possible this month or perhaps you are getting a new manager. There are changes in your existing company. It would also be good to start your own business this month. A child or younger relative may ask you for a pet.

You’re in the spotlight this month. You may be receiving some recognition at work or through an organization you belong to. A contract you’ve been waiting for comes through or a lawsuit is settled. That said, this is not a good month to initiate a lawsuit. Legal matters begun now will go on for a long time. Changes at home are highlighted. Someone may be moving in or moving out. It’s good to monitor investments, record profits and make changes. Attend parties or groups to meet new people.

Be social this month. Attend new groups or join a charitable organization. You may meet a new friend. Adding a new computer or device to the home is fine after March 15. For Cancer natives looking for love, there is a lot of energy around relationships. Let others know you’re looking, so they can help you meet someone special. Exams or tests can go well if you have studied even a little bit. If you want to do very well, then find someone and teach them the material. Travel to water is good this month.

There is some excitement around your job. You may be getting a new position or changing locations. This could be an office move. If you own a business, great publicity is possible now. While you may be feeling strapped for cash, your investments are doing well. It’s now time to review your accounts and set some savings goals for the year. A love relationship can become solidified over the next four weeks. This could be moving into monogamy, an engagement or living together.

The Virgo Full Moon marks your most significant period of the year. There is a lot of positive energy around relationships. Be out in the world this month and you could meet a new sweetheart. Work is challenging as there may be changes in procedures or help is not available. You may be working overtime. It would be good to take a spontaneous trip even if it’s just for the weekend. Fertility energy is highlighted. This could include natural methods, consulting specialists or looking into adoption

Work is enjoyable for you now, but it’s still a good idea to take breaks. You may be working on a creative project and things are going well. There can be changes to credit cards or banking information this month. Keep a close eye on your accounts. Spontaneous romance can light up your month. Look for some intimate moments outside the normal routine. Repairs or renovations at home are underway. It’s a good time to do some light redecorating. After that, throw a party and have friends over.

This is a good month for taking an art class, cake decorating or visiting a craft show. You’ll find inspiration and fun in these places. Children are highlighted. There may be an addition to the family through a birth or a new pet. Adult children may be looking for help with a project or business. Those Scorpio natives looking for love maybe struck by cupid’s arrow this month. Get out of the house and meet new people. Love is close by. If you’re thinking to get a new vehicle, wait until after March 15

You may be starting a new job or working with new team members. This is just the first of many new changes at work. Forming new habits, especially a new exercise routine is very beneficial now. If you are thinking about putting your house up for sale, wait until at least March 15 to do the listing. Finances are highlighted and you could make quite a bit of money this month. Extra income may come from a sale, investment or a business that’s starting to bring profits. A phone call could lead to romance.

You may find yourself in the company of someone very different or unique. Opposites attract, especially this month. It’s good to step out of your comfort zone and explore new fun things to do. Paperwork or report with a deadline this month might bring some procrastination. Break the task down to very small steps and you’ll get it done. An in-law or an older relative has a special request. Avoid negative self-talk this month. Present a confident self to the world and this will lead to success.

Problems you’ve been wrestling with for a while now, present easy solutions. This month, you realize how much you can actually handle. Don’t underestimate yourself. There are changes at home. You may be moving or someone may be moving in. It’s good to paint or redecorate now. A small windfall is possible. This could be from the sale of an item or a bonus. Friendships are highlighted this month. Reach out to people you haven’t talked with in a while. Accept dinner and party invitations.

Focus on taking care of YOURSELF this month. Meditate or get a massage. Go with a friend and try a yoga class. You may be starting a big project now and need to work on it behind the scenes for some time. This is a good month to start writing a book, build a website or invent something. Love and friendship can be found in organized groups. Be out among people and you’ll meet some potential new connections. You may receive a promotion at work, but you’ll need to ask for the raise.

 Donna Stellhorn is an astrologer, Feng Shui expert and author of 15 books. Her website is www.fengshuiform.com. You can follow her on Instagram@donnastellhorn or see her videos on YouTube at www.youtube.com/c/DonnaStellhorn.

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