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Full Moon – February 19, 2019

By Donna Stellhorn

What is this Full Moon about and what makes it special?

This is a zero-degree Full Moon which is rare. This indicates you have reason to be more optimistic as you may have many opportunities over the next four weeks. As this is a Virgo/Pisces Full Moon, intuitive ability is highlighted. You may have prophetic dreams or wake with inspired thoughts. Chiron is also at zero at this time making the challenging semi-sextile to the sun and the even more challenging inconjunct to the moon. This indicates it would be good to give yourself some time for healing work, whether that be physical therapy, extra sleep, a massage session or emotional healing with a therapist or coach.

How can you best work with the energy of this Full Moon?

During this Full Moon period, you will find opportunities to make things better in your life. If you’re dissatisfied with some aspect of your job or relationship you can make small, incremental changes leading to big results. The Virgo/Pisces Full Moon is a spiritual combination so meditation, affirmations, and prayer work well now. This Full Moon energy makes a good aspect to the planet Mars, which indicates actions taken on both the spiritual level and in the physical world yield good results. This is especially true for working on career and financial matters. Set your goals, visualize and then take action.


Job energy is highlighted for you this month. This indicates you may have some shift at work with a change of co-workers, procedures or offices. You can transfer to a different team or request placement on a different project. If you’re job hunting, this is a particularly good period for finding a position that pays better.


There is a lot of energy around children and creativity for you. There may be news this month of an addition to the family perhaps by pregnancy, marriage plans or adding a pet to the household. For those creatives out there, this is a very good period to put art, music or creative business ventures into the marketplace.


This month the Full Moon energy squares your own, pulling you in two directions. You want to follow your heart and do what you want to do, but you also have obligations and responsibilities. Work/life balance is important at this time. There are also possible changes at home. You may be moving, renovating, or doing a deep declutter. Changes at home bring new opportunities in other areas of your life.


You’ll find siblings, neighbors and communication are all under the light of this Full Moon. There is a chance to resolve arguments, even long-standing grudges during the next four weeks. You may have to start the conversation by making the first call. There may be changes in your neighborhood now, a house or two may be changing hands. Opportunities for new friends may settle nearby.


This is a money period for you. The next four weeks bring opportunities for financial gain. This can be with your own business, a side hustle or you may be selling a high-value item. You may be sought out by a headhunter for a job opportunity. This is a good period to look for and remove blocks to money. These blocks could be attitudes formed in childhood that now can be released.


This Full Moon is in Virgo/Pisces, making this one of the most significant periods for you all year. You have a good chance at increased confidence and vitality now. You are receiving support from others (some of whom may surprise you). There is a good chance you will be signing a contract for a purchase or employment. A legal matter can be resolved now.


Your intuition is keen during the next four weeks. You may feel more connected to those around you. You have good luck with health issues. Now you can find the help you’ve been looking for, perhaps through a good practitioner or valuable information that comes to you. Your sleep can improve through small changes to your bedroom and nightly routine.


This Full Moon lights up your area of friendships, groups and your future. This is a good period for goal setting or to get back to New Year’s resolutions. There are several opportunities to meet new friends. A group or organization may look to you to lead a committee or project. Some piece of technology you own needs to be updated and you’ll be happy you did.


Career is highlighted this month, as well as your reputation in the world. Your social media following may increase. You may expand a side business and begin to see real profits. You may be recognized at work for a job well done. An issue with a boss begins to resolve itself either because the manager shifts their attitude or the manager leaves the position.


The rays of the Full Moon light up your area of education and travel. If you’re in school you may receive some encouragement or special care from a teacher or adviser. A test can go very well especially because you put the study time in. Planning future trips is beneficial at this time, especially when you consider destinations you’ve never been before.


This is a good period to give attention to investments and passive income sources. You have luck right now in the area of resources from others. You can find good places to put your money. It’s also an excellent idea to review retirement investment options through your company. This is a beneficial time to focus on passive income sources such as real
estate investments.


As this is a Virgo/Pisces Full Moon, therefore, it’s a powerful time for you. Relationships are highlighted. If you’re looking for love you have an opportunity in the next four weeks. This is likely someone new or a past love who has experienced a change of heart. If you’re already in a committed relationship, you will probably see the bond strengthen. A day trip or weekend getaway would be good for the two of you.

Donna Stellhorn is an astrologer, Feng Shui expert and author of 15 books. Her website is You can follow her on Instagram @donnastellhorn or see her videos at

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