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Full Moon – December 11, 2019 – The Uncomfortable Road to Success

By Donna Stellhorn

This Full Moon in Gemini is notable for making hard aspects to Saturn, Venus and Pluto in Capricorn. Capricorn asks for a leader when Gemini wants to hang back and observe. Capricorn calls for people to take a stand when many feel more research is needed. The Gemini Moon would prefer to study about business rather than go out and make sales. It would rather talk about plans while Capricorn says “implement them.” The way forward is uncomfortable, but it’s clearly the way to success. The road ahead is getting steep now and a bit rocky, but it is the way to reach the top.

This month, the Sun and Moon square Neptune, which is your vision and your connection to the river of Universal Consciousness. You can tap into unlimited resources to help fulfill your heart’s desire. But once you do so, the rest is out of your hands. You get swept along in the current and things manifest when they are ready. Your schedule means nothing to Neptune. You can’t push a rope, you are just pulled along. In practical terms, it’s good to visualize, not just the outcome you want, but the journey itself. Visualization will call opportunities into concrete reality.

Gigantic Jupiter, king of expansion and growth, now dances with unpredictable Uranus. New ideas burst into your awareness. Your hunches prove to be right. You can quickly grasp the nature of situations at hand. A desire for freedom is strong now. Your life can change with a phone call. A new person you meet may open doors beyond your fondest wishes. A single seed may produce an orchard of results so it’s good to plant seeds.

Venus sits between Saturn and Pluto and you find self-discipline pays dividends. Goals are achieved through work and sacrifice. Love the journey and you’ll make swifter progress. Stop for a picnic along the way but don’t tarry too long. Focused effort on the tasks in your life will bring not only success but joy as well.

December 26 brings the New Moon and a solar eclipse at four degrees of Capricorn. Those hit by this eclipse will throw off restrictions and break out of the prison that they feel they’re in. Focus on what you want to change. Have the courage to crawl through a sewage tunnel, and you will emerge to be washed clean by the rain.

Jupiter sits at the zenith of your chart and can bring recognition and career opportunities. Take a lead and be decisive about the direction you want to go. Travel may be on the schedule, though it could be delayed by weather. Guard your reputation and passwords this month, especially around the time of the eclipse. You can receive help from a friend or sibling if you ask. A friendship may turn passionate. New love can be found in places where people dance or sing.

You may come into financial benefits this month though it can be spent as quickly as it is received. Schoolwork or professional exams need your attention. Make time to study or help children with homework. Travel is difficult, especially around the time of the eclipse. A love relationship becomes more intimate and comfortable. Success with a legal matter or contract negotiation is quite possible now. Read the fine print and don’t be afraid to demand what you want.

The Full Moon is in your sign giving you an extra bit of luck this month. Relationships of all kinds are highlighted. You can find new friends and meet a potential love partner. If you’re dating, you can take the relationship to the next level. You may be very busy at work while some sensitive project needs your expertise to be completed. It’s good to review your investments and channel more money into long term goals. Marketing for a business can be successful now; you can reach your audience.

The solar eclipse is in your house of partnerships this month indicating that some aspect with a significant relationship can change. It’s good to open up and talk about your feelings. Ask for what you need from others now. You can connect with important people who can be quite helpful in your future. Recognition at your job may be coming in. There are people who can help you there. You are more spiritually connected this month. Your intuition is right on. Health improves.

There may be changes with your job around the time of the eclipse. You may be given much more responsibility, but perhaps not the title or the compensation. It’s good to fight for what’s fair. Your creativity is strong and it’s good to pursue interesting projects. There’s a lot of activity around children and pets. You can meet a new potential relationship at parties or social events. Noise in the house indicates you may have overnight guests in the house or you may even be pet-sitting.

There is a lot of activity at home, and your house may be the host location for friends and family for the holidays. A love relationship gains solid footing going forward. This may mean moving in together or getting engaged. There is fertility energy now that can assist you in pregnancy or adoption. There is movement in your career. You may be changing job positions or getting a new team. A contract comes through, however, avoid signing it on the day of the eclipse.

There is a focus on writing, teaching and spirituality this month. Consider yoga classes, meditation or going on a vision quest. There may be changes at home this month. You may be decluttering and hosting guests. The house is filled with joy and laughter. Finances improve though changes in investments, or insurance may be needed. There is happy communication with your beloved. If you’re looking for love, it’s good to go to charity events, holiday parties or visit friends.

This is a good month for money for Scorpio natives. You may be receiving a small windfall. Investments may be paying off. You may get the opportunity to acquire a special item at a deep discount. There may be changes around transportation. Communication issues can happen at the time of the solar eclipse. Love energy is strong. You may be meeting someone new or if you’re already in a relationship, your love union can strengthen. There is happy news from a child or younger relative.

There is a lot of positive relationship energy for you this month. You can meet new friends and grow closer to your partner. If you’re wanting to find love, look when you’re traveling or out in the city. Income increases through investments or overtime at work. A business opportunity becomes viable. It’s a good idea to take some time off around the time of the solar eclipse to recharge your batteries. Look to get rid of excess stuff to allow positive energy to flow.

Jupiter enters your sign of Capricorn and will bring you luck and expansion for a whole year. You can take more risks and ask for opportunities. The solar eclipse is also in your sign and may bring the changes you’ve been asking for. While you do have a lot going on, it’s also a good idea to take a few days off. Many new ideas can come to you during this break. If you’re looking for love, it’s good to step outside your usual path by visiting new restaurants, coffee shops and shopping malls.

You have friends with invitations for social activities filling up your phone this month. Time to break out of your routine. Finances improve if you have a clear vision for the extra money. A lot of work is happening behind the scenes. You may be finishing up reports or school projects. A secret admirer makes themself known. There is a lot of activity with children or younger relatives. You may acquire a new pet or a new pet project.

Home is where the joy is this month. You may be opening your doors for visits from friends and relatives. A neighborhood party is possible. Income from a job or a bonus can happen. The solar eclipse energy brings you a glimpse of the future. It’s good to do a vision board or meditate on possibilities. A friendship may turn to romance if you’re looking for love. An adult child may bring home a significant other to introduce to the family. A piece of technology needs replacing. You can find a bargain now.

Donna Stellhorn
 is an astrologer, Feng Shui expert and author of 15 books. Her website is You can follow her on Instagram@donnastellhorn or see her videos on YouTube at

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