Feng Shui Tips for Happy, Healthy Pets



By Dame Marie Diamond

I’m sure you’ve heard about Feng Shui hacks to help boost your cash flow, improve your health, and even attract a new love into your life, but have you ever thought about what Feng Shui can do for your furry friends?

 As a Feng Shui master and teacher of the Law of Attraction, I’ve spent the last thirty years teaching my students and A-list clients around the world how they can use this ancient Chinese energy system to manifest their goals quicker and more effortlessly. Feng Shui works by boosting the positive flow of energy, or “chi”, in your home, which in turn can attract abundance, good health, and happiness for both you and those you live with. Whilst this mostly includes parents, children, extended family, or roommates, I’ve been asked on more than a few occasions how people can use Feng Shui to help their pets. Whether you have a dog, cat, cockatiel, or even a horde of hamsters, here are my top Feng Shui tips for creating a harmonious space for your pet.

 Diamond Feng Shui Tip 1:

 If you find that your pet is too hyper before bedtime, there are a number of Feng Shui hacks to help keep them calm. If they sleep in a bed, pick one in soothing earth tones such as beige or light brown. These colors will help ground their energy and keep them in a relaxed state of mind. Fire colors, such as red, yellow, or orange, are too active and will prove too stimulating for them to be able to fall asleep.

 If they have a water bowl, make sure to keep it away from their bed and in another room if possible. The water element is a fast-moving one (think of the rush of a waterfall, or the powerful waves of the ocean) and this active energy can be responsible for your pet’s restless night’s sleep.

 Diamond Feng Shui Tip 2:

 Just like humans, pets thrive in clean, organized living spaces. According to Feng Shui, mess and clutter negatively impact the energy flow of a room, causing it to weaken and stagnate. This in turn lowers the vibrational field of the room which can cause any number of issues such as difficulties sleeping, behavioral problems, or a feeling of franticness.

 To combat this, make sure that your pet’s sleeping area is tidy, organized, and regularly cleaned with eco-friendly cleaning products – at least once a week should do it. Lavender-scented cleaning products are particularly good because they help to cleanse and freshen the energy of the room too. Be careful though, since lavender can be toxic to cats and dogs, so double-check with your vet if you’re unsure. Adjust your cleaning schedule to account for any increased shedding your pet may have – as the proud owner of two French bulldogs, I know that the warm summer months may require a little more vacuuming!

 Have a storage box for any toys your pet may have and be sure to tidy them away when they’re not being used. If there are any broken or overly chewed-up toys, throw them out and replace them with new ones.

 When a pet has a clean living condition, this is a clear sign that they are being properly cared for and, in return, loved.

 Diamond Feng Shui Tip 3:

 If you have pets in a cage (like a hamster or a dog in a crate) or in a tank (like fish or a lizard), it’s best to avoid keeping them in your bedroom. Since the bedroom is an important space, energetically-speaking, for love and romance, keeping cages in there is very bad symbolism and can leave you feeling “trapped” in your relationship. Avoid it if possible, or, if you can’t, keep it as far away from your bed as you can.

 Additionally, keeping pet fish in your bedroom is a bad idea too because it creates too much water energy. Not only can the energy of the water element “dampen” your romantic passions, but the quick-moving energetic nature of water can prove too active for a room meant for rest and relaxation. Save the aquarium for the living room instead!

Ultimately, pets are a true asset to any home because their joy, lively energy, and unconditional love help fill the space with warmth and positivity. A home filled with love is certainly one with good Feng Shui!

 Dame Marie Diamond, Feng Shui Master Best-selling author and star of the TV show”Feng Shui your Life”, streaming now on Tubi,  www.MarieDiamond.com

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