Wednesday , January 27 2021

Embracing Change – Symptoms of Transformation

By Angel Carlton

When we think a cold might be coming on, we may feel a headache, stuffy nose, cough, or sore throat. When we recognize something out of the ordinary with our health, there are certain symptoms that alarm us that something might not be right. At that time, we might typically consult a doctor if our health doesn’t improve. The same goes for our emotional health during times of turmoil or transformation in our daily lives. Yet, when was the last time you sought help to recover from life’s unpredictable circumstances? When we begin to recognize the symptoms of the transformation cycle, or signs of changing times, we can administer a prescription and navigate that change in a healthy manner. However, if you continue to ignore the signs of a misalignment in life and choose to white-knuckle through the process, the diagnosis may worsen, and so might your level of stress. Unexpected change is why 45% of our society lives under extreme stress, according to a study conducted by Forbes. Statistically, that is nearly half of our circle of friends, our neighbors, and coworkers! We know from watching the news what unmanaged stress can do. It can be very dangerous! That is why it is imperative to recognize the symptoms associated with change, so that we can diagnose the issue, release the stress, and prescribe a remedy.

Whenever a tragic event occurs, like a job loss, broken relationship, or a death in the family, we are initially jolted into a state of shock, what I call the Realize Stage. If you’ve ever been there, you can easily identify with what I am talking about. It’s when we begin to ask those profound questions about life’s purpose. These phases are a cyclical pattern of human personal evolution, and, when we are aware of them, they can bring a sense of peace and harmony to the trials and tribulations that life delivers. When we learn to identify the lessons from these ups and downs, we gain a healthier understanding of our journey, our relationships, and most importantly, ourselves.

It is important to know what transformation, or spiritual awakening, feels like, so you understand that what you’re experiencing is perfectly natural. It also helps to get a penthouse perspective of your path, by reviewing where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’d like to go. Let’s take a look at the first of The 6 Stages of Transformation, and a few examples of the symptoms you may experience as you respond to the change or event happening in your life.

  • A feeling of lack of purpose
  • Close relationships begin to feel unfulfilling
  • Feeling disconnected from the “norm,” and a sense of not belonging
  • A strong desire to be alone and self-reflect; isolation
  • An interest in understanding death, and what happens to our soul when we die
  • Searching and seeking answers for the true meaning of life
  • An unexpected loss that generates a sense of “life is never going to be the same again”
  • A calling to do or be something totally different and out of the ordinary
  • A feeling like you need to contribute to something; an urge to matter
  • An attraction toward books, videos, seminars, webcasts, and other material on holistic/spiritual/metaphysical topics
  • Music begins to speak to you; lyrics seem to bring messages
  • Signs begin to show up in unexpected places—as numbers, for example
  • People, sometimes strangers, show up as messengers
  • “Coincidences” occur more regularly
  • You feel a strong urge for a fresh start
  • A sharpened sense of self-awareness

Whether you resonated with one or all of these symptoms of personal change, remember to be kind to yourself as you move through any difficult time. Become the observer of your life journey and recognize when others might also be going through difficult times. Rest assured, life’s ups and downs are a reflection of the natural order of everything.


Angel Carlton is the author of two books, Staying Afloat During Tides of Change: Introducing the 6 Stages of Transformation, and Dedicated to Destiny: A Pursuit in Personal Growth, Prosperity & Purpose (To be published in 2017), the Founder of Power Up People! Inc. (, a motivational speaker, and a Transformation Coach for individuals, companies, and organizations.

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