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Dawning of a New Earth

By Dave Capraro —

In 1955, Dr. George King (1919 – 1997), a medium and yoga master, began publicly channeling messages from sources claiming to be extraterrestrial and millions of years ahead of us in spirituality and science. Besides their interest in our well-being, their messages have since been substantiated in different ways.

In the early 1990s, many scientists didn’t know if there were any other planets in the universe outside of our solar system. Now, almost 30 years later, the cover of the March 2019 issue of National Geographic proclaims: WE ARE NOT ALONE.

It states: “…there are at least 25 billion places where life could conceivably take hold in our galaxy alone—and our galaxy is one among trillions.” And that, “Any civilization we would be able to detect will likely be millions, perhaps billions of years ahead of us.” (1)

The Aetherius Society, which Dr. King founded in England in 1955, believes these extra-terrestrial intelligences, referred to as “Cosmic Masters”, are indeed millions—if not billions—of years ahead of us in evolution and that they see us currently standing on the verge of our own destruction. At the same time, they have stated that, if we make the right choices, we can fashion a bright new world free from war, starvation and so much unnecessary suffering. In a series of transmissions delivered through Dr. King in 1960, they further conveyed that planet Earth is a living, feeling, ultra-conscious and sacred being that would not be allowed to suffer at the hands of the human race much longer. (2)

This may all sound fantastical but for the fact that many of these prophecies, given almost 60 years ago, now appear to be coming true regardless of how unbelievable they may have seemed at the time.

An Increase in Cosmic and Ultraviolet rays

Central to these Cosmic Transmissions was the warning that the Mother Earth was due for a great change and that the planet would be receiving more Cosmic and Solar Energies. This change was first announced on April 7, 1960, while Dr. King was visiting Detroit, Michigan, in a Transmission entitled The Initiation of Earth. The Masters stated that our planet is in the early stages of a transformation into a shining new world that we will only be able to inhabit if we transform and accelerate our own evolution.

Four years later, on August 22nd, 1964, they went on to say, “It was also decided that the main barriers of protection around Terra should be kept in place, but some of them could now be dispensed with…your cosmic ray count will rise even higher than it is at the moment and as you already know, it has been rising steadily. Your ultra-violet count will also rise.” (3)

In July 2014, it was announced by the scientific community that data gathered by the European Space Agency (SWARM) satellites showed the magnetic field of Earth was weakening by five percent every 10 years—10 times faster than previously thought. (4) One result of a weaker magnetic field can be a greater influx of Cosmic Energies to Earth. (5)

Also announced in July 2014 was the highest reading of ultraviolet (UV) radiation ever recorded on Earth. The readings were taken eleven years earlier in 2003. Reported readings of 43 on the UV scale were recorded in Bolivia, not far from the equator and nowhere near the ozone hole of Antarctica. By contrast, a reading of six to eight is considered high and any reading over 11 is extreme. (6)

Other parts of the globe are reporting increases in UV rays. (7) In the southern hemisphere, Australia has experienced an annual increase of two to six percent since 1959 (8), while the International Prevention Research Institute has concluded that UV radiation in Europe appears earlier in the year and farther north than originally believed. (9)

Change in axis position – poles changing place with equator

In another Transmission delivered on July 19, 1960, during an interview with Dr. King on the Tom Duggan TV show in Los Angeles, the Cosmic Master, Aetherius, stated, “…The net result of this great change will manifest in two major ways. One: an exchange—a difference in the position of the axis of your world. The poles will change places with the equator.” (10)

The north magnetic pole’s movement is now moving about four times faster than it was 50 years ago. (11) Many scientists believe that the weakening magnetic field and faster moving north magnetic pole indicate a possible magnetic pole flip. Meanwhile, in 2000, NASA reported that the spin axis of Earth which normally moves a few inches per year unexpectedly made an abrupt change of direction and doubled the speed of its movement. (13)

Flooding that could occur quickly or slowly

The Master Aetherius also stated, “My friends, the change can take place in one or two ways: either quickly (and it is obvious what will happen if it does so), or more slowly, so that the resultant flooding of part of your world will not necessarily cause a loss of life.” (14)

Flooding is occurring as our oceans rise, rivers become swollen (15) from torrential rains, and undersea earthquakes cause tsunamis. (16)

Primary Initiation of Earth

The most significant of all the 600 Transmissions received by Dr. King was on July 8, 1964, from multiple Cosmic Masters. It described what the Masters termed “The Primary Initiation of Earth,” (17) an incomparable technological feat to radiate tremendous Cosmic Energies to our planet. They stated that the Mother Earth had temporarily chosen to hold these energies in abeyance for the protection of humanity, but that she would soon begin to release this Cosmic Energy for her own benefit.

In 2018, scientists reported multiple recordings of what have been called “impossible” or “mysterious” cosmic rays coming from inside the Earth which has physicists “scratching their heads trying to figure out what on earth is going on”, according to the online journal Big Think. (18)

It is The Aetherius Society’s understanding that the Mother Earth is holding within great Cosmic Energies that She is beginning to release. She is also beginning to receive more energies from the Cosmos as certain barriers are lifted. These changes will allow Her to function more fully as a cell in a sacred living universe. The Aetherius Society’s primary purpose is to help facilitate this great change in such a way that minimizes suffering for our world and affords everyone the opportunity to help fashion the destined new Earth of enlightenment and lasting peace.

A special presentation about the Dawning of a New Earth and the teachings of the Cosmic Masters will be given in Chicago on Friday, May 24 from 6–7:30 p.m. at EQUILIBRIUM Energy + Education, 850 S. Wabash Ave. Suite 300. Chicago, IL 60605. Call 248-588-0290 for more information.

Dave Capraro has been the Organizer of the Michigan Branch of The Aetherius Society, based in Royal Oak, since 1985.

© 2019. The Aetherius Society.


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