CyberWeave: Lessons from Birds in Winter 

By Mary Montgomery –

Some people retire to the Sun Belt, but not me! I have moved to the Snow Belt on the other side of Lake Michigan. My beautiful Chicago two-flat sold and the closing was on December 22nd. Now I am officially a full-time Michigan resident. My lovely summer home near South Haven is now my full-time home.

As I write this column there is quite a bit of snow on the ground. It’s beautiful! I sure am glad that I traded in my two-wheel drive Prius for an all-wheel drive RAV4! One of the pleasures here for me, and my three kitties, Merlin the Magician, Glenda the Good Witch, and Podsy—is looking at the birds as they feed on the sunflower seeds and suet on my front deck.

What amazes me is the fact that these birds survive with just their feathers and their very bare feet. Unlike us, they don’t need faux fur boots, insulated gloves, warm coats, and mittens. This got me to thinking about the lessons birds can teach us.

A Google search led me to some sites with interesting insights on this topic. Here are two of them.

I gleaned “6 Life Lessons From Birds” from a site called Mind Fuel Daily (

1. BE CONFIDENT: Birds learn to trust themselves before they take off in the sky. So have faith in your abilities and know that you will find a warm current to soar in.

2. LET YOUR COLORS SHINE: Different birds have hundreds of different hues. Be bright and make sure you aren’t hiding what makes you one-of-a-kind.  

3. SHOW UP EARLY AND OFTEN: The legendary early bird gets the worm for a reason. So find something worth showing up for, and then show up every day.

4. GO WITH THE SEASONS: Birds thrive despite changes in their environment. Be fluid and go with the flow, trusting your ability to always find a branch to land on.

5. FLOCK TOGETHER: Birds seek strength and sustenance from one another. Keep friends and family close by as you navigate the days.

6. SPREAD YOUR WINGS: Eventually, all birds must leave the safety of the nest and become what they are meant to be. Have no fear of falling, and start flapping.

More intriguing lessons from birds came from TryBelle Magazine ( In a sunflower seed shell they are:

1. RELY ON YOUR INTUITION: Birds are not given instructions on how to build a nest. They rely on intuition and ‘knowing’ when building it.   

2. TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS: How amazing would it be if we trusted our own instincts like the birds do, and created who we are based on instinct and knowing. We, like the birds, would create by listening to a part of ourselves that is omnipresent.

3. BE YOUR OWN CREATOR: We do not have any less ‘knowing’ capabilities or intuition than a bird does. The difference is that we have an ego… We possess the same ability as the bird to create something from nothing, allowing ideas and thoughts to guide our actions and behaviors. 

My Advice: Join me in contemplating these lessons from birds. Better yet! Feed the birds, and discover how just watching these magnificent creatures lifts your soul and spirit!

Mary Montgomery’s company, Montgomery Media Enterprises, specializes in public relations, writing projects, and social media development, especially in the non-profit sector. Ms. Montgomery has a Master’s Degree in Religious Studies from Chicago Theological Seminary (CTS). She has completed the coursework in doctoral studies with a focus on Altruism and Unconditional Love. Contact her via email at: [email protected]. Please use Cyberweave in the subject line.

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