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Cosmic Daily Weather – June 2018


Come out and play! In these final weeks of spring, many of us are excited about summer break and summer vacation. We associate summer with “easy living” and even the most hermit-like characters may crawl out of their shells for a bit of sunshine and family gatherings. Summer is associated with the Fire element, and its energy is passionate, enthusiastic, illuminating and joyful. Summer begins on the longest day of the year, giving us more time to enjoy life and each other. Amidst your activity, make sure to take time for rest in the shade – too much sun (and fiery energy) can burn you out. If we use this time to recharge our minds, bodies and creativity, we will retain amazing reserves of vitality and warmth to carry us through the fall and winter.

Astrology is like a map of your personal wiring and energy. It also reminds you of your deepest desires and intentions for growth. It’s an amazing tool to bring about awareness, raise consciousness and increase empathy and compassion. Check your natal chart out at

The Moon takes about 28 days to complete her orbit through the twelve signs, spending approximately two and one-half days in each sign. When we say the Moon is void-of-course, it means the Moon makes no more major aspects to other planets until it leaves the sign it’s in. We sometimes say the Moon is floating between signs during these times, and it creates a sense of timelessness. You can embrace these events by slowing down and tuning into your inner guidance. It’s not the best time to start new things, but it’s a perfect opportunity to make room for what’s to come. If you want to know more, check out

Friday, June 1

Mercury/Mars trine makes it easy for words to fly in your head and out of your mouth. While the trine is generally a harmonious aspect, it also reflects flow without much effort on our part. It’s easy for our thoughts to become sharp, angry and anxious. Sometimes we need to stop the flow. Use this energy to reframe your self-talk and offer yourself kindness. Capricorn Moon VoC begins 10:37 p.m. until tomorrow.


Saturday, June 2

Venus/Neptune trine brings personal and unconditional love together in a beautiful vision of cooperation, inspiration, and emotional connection. Venus in Cancer needs to feel she belongs and Neptune in Pisces reminds us we always belong; we are always a part of Everything. Capricorn Moon VoC ends 5:06 p.m. when the Moon enters Aquarius.


Sunday, June 3

Moon/Mars come together today in the sign of Aquarius, fueling both our emotional reactions with unconventionality and the need to have it our way. The Mars in us is ready for a fight, and the Moon is very self-protective. What is the healthiest way you can be your own champion, meet your own needs and do it all with objectivity?


Monday, June 4

There are no exact aspects today, but Sun and Mercury are getting close! With our sense of purpose (Sun) and ability to reason and communicate (Mercury) infused with Gemini, check-in with the story you are creating and sharing with your life. Elvis Costello’s song “Every Day I Write the Book” is a good reminder that we are always creating our story as we go. Aquarius Moon VoC begins 12:10 a.m. until tomorrow.


Tuesday, June 5

Mercury/Sun conjunction is exact today. Be open to new ideas and perspectives about who you believe you are and who you want to be. Illuminating information is just waiting to be discovered. Aquarius Moon VoC ends 5:53 a.m. when the Moon enters Pisces.


Wednesday, June 6

Pisces Moon is contacting many planets today, so just allow yourself to feel without too much attachment to any of it. The Moon is waning – a wonderful time to surrender anything that no longer serves you, making room for what truly makes you feel good.


Thursday, June 7

Have you been putting up with too much or staying too long with something? Moon cozies up with asteroid goddess Astraea today. Astraea was the last of the immortals to withdraw from Earth. She wants things to come together but can stick around too long in the same place when it’s time to move on. Pisces Moon VoC begins 1:35 a.m. until 4:25 p.m. when the Moon enters Aries.


Friday, June 8

Aries Moon wants freedom and independence and Saturn in Capricorn expects conformity with standards and responsibility. This Moon/Saturn square is a struggle with authority. If you feel your inner teenager at odds with every parental representation around, remember the tension is really coming from within. It might be time to renegotiate the contract you’ve been keeping with yourself.


Saturday, June 9

Outside influences might feel constricting today with Moon/Pluto and Moon/Venus squares. What do you really need? In what ways are you ready to transform into a new version of yourself? Are you willing to get outside your comfort zone? Aries Moon VoC begins 2:36 p.m. until 11:03 p.m. when the Moon enters Taurus.


Sunday, June 10

Taurus Moon is always an invitation to appreciate and indulge in earthly pleasures. I hope you take this time every month to feel yourself in your body, receive love and beauty and be filled with gratitude for our planet and all
our blessings.


Monday, June 11

Emotional flow and depth are very accessible today with Moon/Pluto trine. Even your deepest attachments, obsessions, and desires can rise to the surface to be loved and nurtured. Taurus Moon VoC begins 10:28 p.m. until tomorrow.


Tuesday, June 12

Mercury enters Cancer this afternoon, invoking nostalgic memories and desire to communicate from the heart. If you have any inclination toward emotional expression, this is a fantastic time to translate your feelings into writing, speaking or singing. Taurus Moon VoC ends at 1:52 a.m. when the Moon enters Gemini.


Wednesday, June 13

New Moon in Gemini is at the exact time the Moon goes void-of-course, giving us time to float around with the new intentions we set until tomorrow. Is there something you are ready to learn? Perhaps you are ready for a whole new mindset? How you use your mind literally shapes your life. At this powerful time, what will you wish to think into existence? Gemini Moon VoC begins 2:43 p.m. until tomorrow.


Thursday, June 14

Late yesterday afternoon Venus entered Leo, heightening our desire to be seen, appreciated and adored. Venus reflects how we love, our relationships, essential needs, and capacity to receive. Leo can be a drama queen, but at the heart just wants to be loved. You might find dressing up and adding an element of play to your relationships will bring some welcome spice. Gemini Moon VoC ends at 2:19 a.m. when the Moon enters Cancer.


Friday, June 15

Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter are still retrograde. Collectively and personally we’re still faced with redefining, re-visioning and reclaiming our truth and beliefs (Jupiter), authority and respect (Saturn) and power (Pluto). If we all spend some time doing our inner work, our outer world will progress beyond our imagination. Cancer Moon VoC begins 11:18 a.m. until tomorrow.


Saturday, June 16

Today is charged with radical fun if you want it! Leo Moon conjunct Venus in Leo wants to love, play, dance, and create. Moon/Uranus square brings some instability, but also inspiration to cut loose and express with less attachment to the audience. Cancer Moon VoC ends 2:20 a.m. when the Moon enters Leo.


Sunday, June 17

Leo Moon loves a day without interfering aspects. Use this creative energy to step onto the stage of life in the way that makes you happiest; the way that makes your heart leap with joy. Don’t let anyone, including you, discourage you from showing up and taking your rightful place in the world! Leo Moon VoC begins 10:25 p.m. until tomorrow.


Monday, June 18

Neptune joins the retrograde party this evening. We have five months to re-examine our relationship with faith, hope, grace, dreams, vision and unconditional love. Retrograde periods are an opportunity to discover something we left behind and integrate it going forward. Neptune wants to dissolve false illusions and reveal more Truth. Leo Moon VoC ends at 3:40 a.m. when the Moon enters Virgo.


Tuesday, June 19

Today’s theme is integration. Virgo Moon opposing Neptune in Pisces can feel like a tug-of-war between Heaven and Earth, or between reality and dreams. You can have it all, but it may not be as you imagine. If you focus on what you want but leave room for the details to fill themselves in, everything magically falls into place.


Wednesday, June 20

Do you find a balance between your goal-driven, linear rational self (Sun) and your reflective, abstract emotional self (Moon)? The Moon/Sun square reveals personal turmoil. If you find you’re at odds with what you think and how you’re feeling, give yourself room to come together and come undone at the same time. Everything, especially about you, doesn’t have to make sense. Virgo Moon VoC begins 5:51 a.m. until 7:29 a.m. when the Moon enters Libra.


Thursday, June 21

Happy Summer Solstice! We enter Cancer’s domain which can be quite crabby at times as this sign is feeling-in-motion, and feelings change like the tides. Do you feel me? Cancer as an archetype initiates the exploration of the psychological world of emotion. When emotionally self-sufficient and secure, Cancer is tremendously nurturing, caring and healing. Cancer season is a beautiful time to connect with family, enjoy home and practice self-care. Libra Moon VoC begins 8:34 p.m. until tomorrow.


Friday, June 22

Be careful late afternoon, especially if you’re commuting. Moon/Uranus opposition can manifest as the unexpected from out of nowhere. This is also true emotionally, so stay with yourself and pay attention to avoid unnecessary collisions and confrontations. Don’t let something or someone from out of left field pull you off your center. Libra Moon VoC ends at 2:10 p.m. when the Moon enters Scorpio.


Saturday, June 23

Moon/Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio intensifies feelings and can trigger us to blow things out of proportion. Jupiter wants to expand our consciousness, and sometimes we need to see how we exaggerate things to bring them back down to size.


Sunday, June 24

If you’ve been feeling the need to communicate your feelings, the Moon/Mercury trine in water signs will help you flow. Even if you don’t initially feel the pull, try journaling or striking up a deep conversation and see if some mini self-therapy nurtures your soul. Scorpio Moon VoC begins 8:59 a.m. until 11:29 p.m. when the Moon enters Sagittarius.


Monday, June 25

Sagittarian Moon today brings levity and optimism and a call to venture into the unknown. Venus/Jupiter square will reveal ways we can open our minds in relating to others, allowing more room for growth and greater purpose in our most intimate partnerships.


Tuesday, June 26

Mars, the planet of initiation, desire, energy and drive turns retrograde for two months. Time to reassess how we’ve been asserting ourselves in life. Do you know what you want? Have you been acting on your own behalf? Use this time to tune-in to what makes you feel alive. Our Mars-self needs a purpose – something to strive toward. Too much Martian energy can be aggressive and combative. Repressing Mars leaves us feeling weak and tired. Over the next two months, explore what really turns you on and the higher purpose it can serve. Sagittarius Moon VoC begins 7:53 a.m. until tomorrow.


Wednesday, June 27

Sun/Saturn opposition and Moon/Saturn conjunction remind us we are responsible for ourselves – for what we think, say and do. Just minutes before midnight, the Capricorn Full Moon will be at its peak illumination. What do Capricorn and Saturn offer us? Mastery, satisfaction and success! Reflect upon all that you’ve accomplished, recognizing your efforts. And if you’re not where you want to be, accept yourself with kindness and have the endurance to keep going. We quickly translate difficult Saturnian energy as failure but remove the judgment and it is simply life experience. Sagittarius Moon VoC ends at 10:52 a.m. when the Moon enters Capricorn.


Thursday, June 28

Moon/Jupiter and Moon/Neptune sextiles bring us waves of happiness, emotionally and in our bodies. Take this opportunity to meditate or do something that makes you feel peaceful and relaxed. Receive the flow of infinite Spirit of which you are a vital, eternal part.


Friday, June 29

Today begins with a punch, long before the Sun rises. Moon/Pluto conjunction has the potential to take us down but down is not a “bad” thing. If you want to get more real with yourself and the ways you try to control life, today is your friend. You don’t have to serve that same old master. Mercury moved into Leo today, setting our minds ablaze with creative ideas. We may all feel a renewed impulse to share more of ourselves, even with some pomp and circumstance. When the storyteller and performer come together, it’s fun to embrace ourselves as a living myth. Capricorn Moon VoC begins 3:57 a.m. until 11:36 p.m. when the Moon enters Aquarius.


Saturday, June 30

Creativity is in the air and crackling with potential. Mercury/Uranus square, if approached with open-mindedness and willingness to be flexible channels brilliant innovative thinking. With Mercury in Leo, imagine what it means to have a heart-centered, passionate, liberated mind. Aquarian Moon helps us detach from over-personalization and inflated self-importance, so we can focus on radiating our light in ways that fulfill our desires and contribute to society.


Tara Aal is a practicing astrologer, writer and teacher. She studied Evolutionary Astrology with Laura Nalbandian and is a certified Soulsign Astrologer through Adam Gainsburg. Visit

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