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Cosmic Daily Weather – June 2017

By Kaye Berjot – 


June is a month of transition and change. It’s Summer Solstice time, and it’s the time you have to mean what you say, and say what you mean. You can no longer mince words. Jupiter goes direct this month in Libra, and although Libra is the sign of partnership and compromise, others had better watch out. Armed with new information, you won’t be persuaded to go along with the status quo. Speak your mind, or forever hold your truth, says the sign of justice. The month that houses the Summer Solstice every year wants you to stand in your light of day. Chiron in the middle of the month requires you to heal the past in order to be healed in the future. This doesn’t mean that you have to go back to go backwards, what it means is that you cut the cord, so that you don’t drag the past along with you. Lighter luggage is what’s required right now, because you cannot swim across a river with heavy burdens. There’s no sinking here…only marathon swimming, and a sprint to the next finish line.

** Please see the end of the month for information about the Moon Void of Course (VoC). **


Thursday, June 1
Today it’s time to say what you want, and mean what you say. With a T-square forming between the Moon, The Sun, and Neptune, you’re getting the opportunity to make something right that has been out of alignment. Take advantage of this aspect, as you might not get another turn at bat.

Friday, June 2
As the Moon enters Libra it creates a lovely aspect with Mercury and retrograde Pluto. Communication should be smooth and easy at this time, since you’ve found a way to identify problems before they occur. The stability of Mercury in Taurus grounds itself so that you can begin to pursue positive vibrations and increased growth. Remember that words have meaning. Moon VoC begins 8:48 PM until 11:03 PM, enters Libra.

Saturday, June 3
With the Moon in Libra fast approaching retrograde Jupiter, you’ve learned how to compartmentalize your emotions in order to go after the things that you value. If all players are willing to partner for the benefit of all, then there should be no problem in accomplishing goals.

Sunday, June 4
Jupiter and the Moon are hanging out in Libra side by side today, making a positive trine to the Sun in Gemini, and a rather tense aspect to Pluto in Capricorn. You can’t do everything all at once. There are decisions to be made, and sometimes you have to lay down the cards in one hand, in order to pursue the cards being held in another.

Monday, June 5
As Mars enters Cancer, you can be assured that you’ve focused on the right course of action. Nurturing what needs to be taken care of is the most beneficial thing that you can do right now. Rome wasn’t built in a day, yet little by little you’ll see how paying attention to the good things in life is much better than focusing on the stressful aspects. Moon VoC begins 7:57 AM until 9:46 AM, enters Scorpio.

Tuesday, June 6
Before the Moon makes its way out of Sagittarius it makes a positive aspect to Neptune and Mars while in Scorpio. It’s instinctual for you to go after what it is that you desire. Your values are rooted in forward movement and progress and because you’ve found unconventional ways of achieving those desires, you’ve opened up the door to prosperity. Moon VoC 11:35 PM until 9:59 PM, enters Sagittarius.

Wednesday, June 7
Venus is at 0° Taurus today. As she makes positive aspects to Saturn retrograde and Mars, you seem to be happy with the decisions that you’ve made as of late. It hasn’t always been easy to think on your feet, yet with a little bit of consistency, and a whole lot of commitment you’ve hit your stride.

Thursday, June 8
If you’ve made enough progress over the last few days, then there could be the urge to stop, because continuing any further could lead to success. Strange how that works, when Saturn opposes the Sun and Mars. Just remember that the urge to stop is an old habit, which is why you’re revisiting it. Old habits get in the way of new beginnings.

Friday, June 9
The Full Moon today makes a T-Square to Neptune and the Sun, so today is the day to break up with old habits. This means old habits from past relationships, from watering the wrong plants, and ones that stifle growth. As they say in that old song, “Breaking up is hard to do.” Full Moon 8:09 AM in Sagittarius. Jupiter direct in Libra.

Saturday, June 10
As the Moon channels Saturn set your worries aside, so that you can hear the positive accolades of Venus and Uranus. Mars is waiting on you. Do you want to achieve your goals or not? There’s not time to sink, Mars wants you to swim as fast as you can across these emotions, so that you can reach your heart’s content. Moon VoC 5:20 AM until 10:36 AM, enters Capricorn.

Sunday, June 11
With the Moon inching closer and closer to retrograde Pluto, feelings of change are reverberating. What has been stalled is now coming forward. Relationships should become more solid, although unconventional. Nothing progresses if things stay the same.

Monday, June 12
Whoa, did someone call for a dose of rapid change? If you find yourself trying to change a tire while driving 70 miles per hour down the freeway, you can thank Jupiter and Mars. Moon VoC 5:45 until 10:44 PM, enters Aquarius.

Tuesday, June 13
The Sun and Mercury are in Gemini, and communication has never been more important than it is right now. Who you communicate to is just as important as what you communicate. Change the expectation in order to change the outcome.

Wednesday, June 14
It seems as though your prayers have been answered today, as Jupiter, the Moon, and Mercury/Sun trine one another in a harmonious conversation. Maybe there’s something to that whole “ask and you shall receive” thing.

Thursday, June 15
As the Moon leaves Aquarius, remember that from chaos comes order. Moon VoC begins 4:39 AM until 9:17 AM, enters Pisces.

Friday, June 16
The Moon and Neptune in the water sign of Pisces is having a great conversation with Mars in Cancer. When two water signs connect like this, there’s bound to be a re-direction of energies, or at a minimum, an acknowledgement of the redirection that’s required. Neptune goes Retrograde in Pisces until November 22nd.

Saturday, June 17
The Moon sits between retrograde Neptune and Chiron today. This requires you to heal. Heal from the past so that you can be healed for the future. Moon VoC 10:32 AM until 4:54 PM, enters Aries.

Sunday, June 18
Aries isn’t necessarily the most emotional sign of the zodiac. That’s because it can’t afford to let emotions overtake it and impede progress. Yet, with the Moon squaring Mars, there’s a realization that emotional progress is just as important in the journey as the physical movement of progress. Take the time to do what is necessary for your own emotional wellbeing.

Monday, June 19
Ugh, when the Moon bumps up against Uranus, emotions can run high. This is only because you want to invoke restraint, yet Uranus won’t let you. The days of burying your head in the sand are over. Moon VoC begins 6:42 PM until 8:53 PM, enters Taurus.

Tuesday, June 20
It’s the Summer Solstice. You’ve planted the seeds, and now you’re protecting those seeds. This is a delicate balance, and every year you experience this same feeling. It’s the feeling of abandonment, the feeling of hope, and instinct to make progress. Let this year be the year that you innovate through your deepest fears.

Wednesday, June 21
The Sun enters Cancer today as it sits on top of Mercury. Mercury is the gateway to greater understanding. Make sure you keep that path illuminated. Moon VoC 3:25 AM until 9:44 PM, enters Gemini.

Thursday, June 22
Do not let people volunteer you for things that you haven’t signed up for. With Jupiter direct in Libra squared, Mars, the Sun, and Mercury could be a real challenge today. Pluto retrograde is reminding you that you must agree first, not out of guilt, but out of love.

Friday, June 23
The Sun, Mercury, and Mars are hanging out in Cancer together. The struggle between what you’ve learned, and what you know, is real. It takes a great deal of energy to go against the grain, yet you know that it’s something that must be done. New Moon 9:30 PM in Cancer. Moon VoC 5:45 PM until 9:06 PM, enters Cancer.

Saturday, June 24
There’s a congregation in Cancer today. The Moon, the Sun, Mercury, and Mars are building a unified front while working with retrograde Neptune. With that said, Jupiter in Libra is making its position known. Look back to May 18th for guidance.

Sunday, June 25
With so many planets chatting it up, in hiding your emotions in Cancer you need an outlet. Look to Venus in Taurus for that outlet. Venus in Taurus wants stability; it wants solid ground and fertile lands. If you’re doing anything other than developing fertile ground, then you’re doing the wrong thing. Moon VoC 5:44 PM until 9:06 PM, enters Leo.

Monday, June 26
Now that the Moon is in Leo, you can see clearer, yet not before Uranus makes you pick up and run even faster. Swimming across the sea of emotion is one thing, and getting to fertile ground is another. It’s what you do with that emotion, and earth that makes real change happen.

Tuesday, June 27
The Moon and the North Node are saying hello in Leo. This could be a tense conversation, even though it’s positively aspected. The North Node wants to know the answer to this question, “what have you learned lately?” Hopefully you can answer that you’ve learned when to let go of the ties that bind. Moon VoC 8:12 PM until 11:41 PM, enters Virgo.

Wednesday, June 28
If you didn’t figure out the answer yesterday to the North Node’s question, then you’ve got an additional day. What have you learned? Do yourself a favor and say the things that you’ve learned out loud, so that you can feel the vibrations of your lessons. You know when you hear the truth, because it resonates throughout your entire body. That’s why all of those planets are hanging out in Cancer. It’s because they’re waiting for you to feel.

Thursday, June 29
It’s funny how retrograde change happens. You don’t even know until you feel it. With the Moon in Virgo you also get to see it. Aspects, triangles, and astrological babble can’t describe the feeling of change. You just have to feel the ground move, shift, and change under your feet. Close your eyes and feel it; it’s the feeling of you moving from one rock to another. Transition at its finest. Moon VoC 7:34 PM until tomorrow.

Friday, June 30
The thing about squares, and 90° angles, in astrology is that they force you to make decisions. By applying pressure to certain areas that make you say “ouch,” they make you move. All of the “ouches” that are occurring in your house of comfort, home, and what you think you know are being challenged by Jupiter in Libra. Jupiter in Libra wants you to know, now that it’s direct, is that you have the absolute right to pick and choose. Boom! Moon VoC until 6:02 AM, enters Libra.

The Moon Void of Course (VoC) is the time period from when the Moon makes its last aspect in one sign before moving into the next sign. The Moon is the fastest-moving planet, and transitions from one sign into the next, every one to three days. What that means is that the Moon is constantly in motion, it’s never retrograde, so it’s inevitable that she will connect with “something,” i.e. another planet or transit, until the moment that she doesn’t. During the moments when she doesn’t connect, we call it the Moon Void of Course. When these events occur, the best thing to do is to meditate, sit still, and listen to your higher guidance. Sitting still does not mean to physically sit still, although it can be beneficial.

Kaye Berjot is an Astrological Coach and Mentor who has studied astrology for over two decades. Her focus is Chiron, the wounded healer. Visit to read blog posts, request readings, consultations, and interviews.

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