Friday , October 30 2020

From the Heart

Kissing and Driving

By Alan Cohen I saw a romantic greeting card which showed a couple kissing in the front seat of a car. The message said, “If you can kiss while driving safely, you are not giving the kiss the attention it deserves.”   Anything that is worth doing, is worth doing …

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Doorways Out of Guilt

By Alan Cohen Do you suffer from guilt?  Do you impose guilt on others? Nearly every religion, family, and belief system plays on guilt to keep its adherents in line. Yet there are ways to escape from the prison of guilt. Here are the top seven, along with practical applications …

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Where to Find True Love

By Alan Cohen My coaching client Jodi has been in a Mormon marriage for nearly 30 years. For all those years she, her husband, and five children have participated avidly in the Mormon Church, rituals, and community. A few years ago Jodi felt guided to explore other philosophies such as …

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The Altar

By Alan Cohen The beginning of a new year offers a poignant opportunity to set the priorities that will carry us through the year. We succeed or fail based on what we hold dear. Choose meaningless priorities, and you become the heir to pain. Live from what you value, and …

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Why the Holidays Don’t Matter

Column: From the Heart by Alan Cohen For the many years I’ve been writing this column, I conclude each year with an inspirational message about the importance of the holidays. This year I would like to take a different approach. I would like to suggest that the holidays don’t really matter …

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How Many Miracles Do You Get?

How Many Miracles Do You Get? by Alan Cohen Column: From the Heart  A coaching client reported that years ago when she became pregnant, her doctors told her that the baby would not survive. She and her husband prayed fervently for the child’s well-being, and the baby was born healthy, and went …

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