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The Act of Dowsing: Subtle Energy Detection Methods

By Henry Oppermann ­­–

There is distinct power in the ability to translate the energies that emanate from the earth’s geological formations, as well as those that surround and interpenetrate the physical body. Dowsing reveals the subtle frequencies that flow from life on earth and from the earth itself. Dowsing captures the presence of underground streams, fissures in the earth’s crust, the magnetic properties of mineral deposits and even underground pipelines.

Einstein said, “Everything is vibration.” These vibrations are detected by one who is skilled in the art of dowsing. A pendulum or pendant made of crystal or other similar material can assist you in determining the answers to difficult questions. With a neutral mind, the pendulum becomes a tool which is capable of receiving influencing vibrational patterns which our higher consciousness translates into imperceptible muscular movements that flow through the pendulum to provide our consciousness the predetermined meaning. In this way, a water diviner can state, “show me where the water is on this property” and use a forked stick or even two right angle pieces made of bent coat hangers to determine the presence of streams beneath the earth’s surface.

The use of the pendulum for dowsing empowers the user to ask a question to the universal consciousness, in a yes or no format, and receive an answer. When used, for example, in a grocery store, you can determine which brand of food is for the highest and greatest good for you. If a food item is good for you, your energy field is strengthened and pendant indicates a positive response. If the item weakens your field, the pendulum indicates a “no.” This “human kinesthetic response” is a gift from your higher self who knows the needs of your body, mind and soul and this soul connection provides the dowser with the correct answer.

Another form of dowsing known as radionics has proven itself very useful in agriculture. A radionics machine is capable of detecting energy patterns in soil and plants in order to determine, for example, the best fertilizers for the intended crop, thereby raising the general vitality of the soil and seed. It has also been helpful in relieving crops of detrimental insects, thereby producing greater yields to farmers that use radionics. The American Society of Dowsers provides detailed information regarding the virtues of dowsing and disseminates research that is being done in other countries free to study the effectiveness of radionics.

In the 1920s, before the outbreak of World War II, the French were using a form of dowsing called Medical Radiesthesia for sensing and confirming medical conditions with what is believed to be pinpoint accuracy. The need for heroic medicine, which is required during the war, like amputations, decreased the study of medical radiesthesia and the prominence of the medical model grew and was then promoted by governing parties. However, there is documented proof and numerous books written about the effectiveness of dowsing and more sophisticated equipment using radionics for the detections of subtle energies.

It is important to note, that even though you cannot “see” energy like radio waves, microwaves or Wi-Fi signals, it does not mean that those waves do not exist. It often means that man has not yet developed the technology to harness or recognize its existence. Even though modern medicine may deny the concept of the “energetic body,” it actually uses the truth of its existence to treat and diagnose patients. Medical doctors, for instance, actually use the vibratory patterns of the heart to diagnose and treat patients. They place electrodes on the skin and use a machine to produce squiggly lines ready for interpretation. Thus revealing information not only of the heartbeat but also the health of coronary arteries feeding the heart.

The science of dowsing through medical radiesthesia involves using specially calibrated instruments and a scale to decode and qualitatively measure the vibrational fields of the human body. European countries which have been allowed to continue to study medical radiesthesia have documented amazing studies and cures, and they continue to research its subtle energy effects on the human body. Greater detail on the use and practice of dowsing can be found in books written by Abbe Mermet, Vernon D. Wethered and Marguerite Maury.

Today, more than ever, there is a need for rapid and effective methods to assess the body and our earth. The full capacity of dowsing to aid us in these matters continues to grow and expand. This article only scratches the surface of what dowsing has to offer us. Dowsing awakens your consciousness to recognize the greater truths surrounding us.

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.” ­– Nikola Tesla


Henry Oppermann endeavors to share the shamanic principles of property clearing and BioGeometry to balance energies in the home and workplace. He is a practitioner of Pranic Healing as well as a trained energetics coach. Contact him via Henry.oppermann@gmail.com.

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