Thursday , August 13 2020

Embracing Change – Realization Accelerates Transformation

By Angel Carlton – 

“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.” — English Proverb 

Morning approaches, and you begin to awake from a long night’s rest. Slowly your mind begins to depart from your sleep state, toggling back and forth between your dream and reality. Your alarm is going off, your eyes open, your mind reengages in the moment, and within an instant you shift from the illusory state of mind, and are suddenly jolted back into the “reality” of what has become your present physical life. This reality is the actuality of the life you’ve created thus far…good, bad, happy, or sad, this is your world that you exist in every day when you wake up. Just another opportunity for you to make the change you so desire, personally, professionally, spiritually, emotionally, or physically.  

Perhaps the day has arrived when that one glorious (sometimes perceived as an unfortunate), event occurs that changes everything; I mean completely and sometimes suddenly, it changes your perspective of life and the purpose of your existence. This is the moment when every thought you currently hold about yourself, even lifelong beliefs, up until this point is now in question. It’s where everything you thought you knew suddenly becomes blurred by an unknown, unidentified, and unexpected clarity. At the same time, an inexpressible feeling of expansion fills your being, bringing a renewed sense of self-awareness, a rise in self-esteem, and a calling for self-evaluation.  

It’s not long after this point that you begin to ask questions from this secondary perspective. Questions like “Who am I?” “Why am I here?” “Is this all there is?” or “What is the purpose of my life?” It is in these deep and transformational questions that things begin to shift. This is a turning point, this is the fork in the road, this is what is referred to as a spiritual awakening, and your spirit is literally waking you up from sleepwalking through life, and taking the wheel. Or, you can look at it as your mind has finally surrendered and quieted itself long enough for you to actually feel the essence of your true self. Finally, the time has come that you hear the calling of your own spirit that has been trying to get your attention for as long as you’ve been in your human body.  

Whatever brought you to this point is irrelevant, what you need to embrace is the fact that this is a turning point, and where you go from here is completely up to you. It’s time to feel empowered as you begin to embark on a new path in life. The truth is, once you have this awareness, you are past the point of no return. This means that once you recognize this unusual shift in how you perceive life, your true self has made its appearance, making it extremely difficult to ignore its existence. And so the journey truly begins…the exploration to the center of…you.  

As you dwell on the inquiry of self-realization, you boldly step into a mission to find answers to the questions you’ve been asking. You find yourself reading books you never thought you’d read, attending conferences or study groups on topics you never thought you’d be interested in, and exploring new opportunities for growth, all to seek more clarity of this awesome, yet awkward, state of awareness. Your vision begins with a glimpse through the naked eye; perhaps a reflection in the mirror triggers your spiritual memory. Then as you begin to adjust the focus knob to zoom in on the next highest vision, you gaze through your spiritual binoculars to get a closer look. You find yourself closing in on something you're not quite able to identify, like trying to get a glimpse of the wings of a beautiful butterfly fluttering around. All you know is that you are attracted to this beauty, and you feel an urge to identify it, focus on it, and seek more clarity.  

This seeking and searching becomes a healthy addiction, you feel alive again, and now you’re beginning to understand that there is more to life than what you previously thought. You feel alive for the first time. You realize the beautiful butterfly has transformed from the cocoon, and although the freedom your wings provide is extraordinary, you are mystified by the vast world you’ve emerged into. The day has come for you to take off the blinders and see yourself as the incredible, amazing gift to the world that you are. It’s time that you discover why you’re here, and the greater purpose you’re here to serve. This is your time; your time to become more intentional about the outcome of your life, and dedicate yourself to destiny.  

Angel Carlton is the author of two books, Staying Afloat During Tides of Change: Introducing the 6 Stages of Transformation, and Dedicated to Destiny, A Pursuit in Personal Growth, Prosperity & Purpose (To be published in 2017), the Founder of Power Up People! Inc. (, a motivational speaker, and a Transformation Coach for individuals, companies, and organizations. 

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