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Dream On-December 2015


by Walter Pershke

Dreams are the primary way that our higher self communicates with us. Dreams are a spontaneous product of our subconscious mind and beyond the reach of the will. If you understand your dreams and the messages they hold for you, you have made a big step forward on your spiritual journey.
By interpreting the real dreams of real people, this column is intended to facilitate your understanding. Everyone dreams, but most people don’t remember. To assist in your recollection, keep a dream log by your bed to record everything you can remember as soon as you awaken. This sends a message to your higher self that you want this information and more will flow to you.
Happy Dreaming!



Dreamer 1: This dream actually occurred a while ago but I have just remembered it recently and it was a recurring one. I was walking as if  on a field trip and it was to this old house that we were going. There was a red carpet and there were ropes on either side of it, and somehow I knew I wasn’t supposed to touch anything outside of the rope. As I’m walking, there are other people. They weren’t necessarily kids, it was just a field trip of people.

Walter: Were you a kid in the dream? 
Dreamer 1: I was, well, yeah I was, like a teenager maybe. And as we were walking, it was really creepy and dark, and I would watch people in front of me reach out over the rope and touch something like a piece of furniture. When they did that they would get sucked into the drawer or sucked in to the cabinet, and they would just be gone. And so I’m walking and I’m watching this and I’m trying really hard to, ya’ know, not touch anything, and pretty soon I’m all alone. And then it switches right away, like all of a sudden I’m on this rickety bridge that’s over something…I don’t know if it was water or if it was land because I couldn’t see. But I’m running, and as I’m running, the pieces of the bridge are falling off like I’m just barely making it and there’s this… the closest thing I could think of was like Dracula, something chasing me that I knew was gonna’ like kill me or something.
Walter: Oh, a monster. 
Dreamer 1: Yeah!  A monster!
So I would run and just as he got to me I would wake up. I’ve had this dream like five or six times. And it would get to the point when I would get ready to go to sleep — I mean it wasn’t in a row, it came sporadically– I could almost sense that I was gonna’ have that dream, and I would get scared even more. 
Walter: Were you the only kid on the floor? 
Dreamer 1: No 
Walter: When you ran, were you running by yourself?
Dreamer 1: Yes. 
Walter: What was under the bridge? 
Dreamer 1: Darkness. I remember seeing jagged, almost like sides of mountains 
Walter: It was dangerous?
Dreamer 1: Very dangerous. I knew that if I fell I would die.  
Walter: When was the last time you had this dream? 
Dreamer 1: I mean were talking over five to seven years. But it just came to me, it’s almost like I had this moment of being awake where all of a sudden I remembered it, and I haven’t been able to shake it. I haven’t dreamt about it, but it has been on my mind. And I forgot I had it.  
Walter: Your guides knew you were coming here. 
Dreamer 1: Okay. 
Walter: I’m serious. They’ll pop it into your consciousness. When was the first time you had this dream?
Dreamer 1: The very first time I was probably in my freshman year of high school. 
Walter: This is going to get very emotional. So, it has to do with a traumatic experience when you were in high school or grade school and that’s where the fear level is coming from. And the rope is a boundary, and the people that reach over the rope get destroyed. That’s reinforcing your need for boundaries, that you need to have boundaries and other people need to respect your boundaries. Now, the thing chasing you, and this is pretty universal, any time you have a monster chasing you it is an aspect of yourself. And if you will turn around and face the monster, nine times out of ten the monster will either morph into you or it will disintegrate. No, but really, it’s an aspect of yourself and it is something that we do. Actually, one of the movies we’re going show, I’m not sure where it is on the schedule, is called The Shadow Effect . The shadow was one of the archetypes of Carl Jung, a world famous psychologist. And Debbie Ford, who died about a year and half ago, has done a lot of work on the shadow affect. We are actually going to show a movie that was made of her workshop on the shadow effect. The shadow is called a shadow because it is something hidden from our conscious mind but it is an aspect of ourselves. It doesn’t have to be scary, but it usually is. It is something we have not confronted in our waking life. When we confront it in our waking life, it will go away. And that’s what was chasing you. Does that make sense? 
Dreamer 1: I understand completely. 
Walter: Good.



Dreamer 2: Sometimes I don’t know how much to take stock in a dream, like it’s just an event that I was thinking about, that person earlier that day, and so forth, and then it comes up in my dream. I just wonder, oh, you’re just dreaming about that because you saw it earlier. Anyway, yesterday I was thinking maybe I should talk to my intern; he has a nice babysitting job. Maybe it will be a way to make extra money… and I also had seen two children throughout the day.  Then in my dream, I dreamed that I was interviewing for a job for babysitting. It was at a couple houses up from the house I grew up in and I kinda’ saw that the kids that I had seen in the day were in my dream. The little girl was dancing and the little boy was falling asleep on me.  Like I had seen on the train. I did feel contentment. And also the man I was speaking to —it was like he was a doctor and he was saying that he didn’t know how to help people with a thyroid problem.  I have a thyroid problem. And then I said, “Oh, well.” I quit drinking because I think that will maybe help it, and he said yeah, it definitely will help it. And then I just feel like when I was leaving that I knew that I kinda’ had the job if I wanted it, and that’s what I remember. 

Walter: And were you feeling okay throughout the whole thing? 
Dreamer 2: I think so. 
Walter:  You have some challenges, some decisions to make in your life? 
Dreamer 2: Yes 
Walter: That’s what it’s about.  It’s about making the decisions and it’s telling you that no matter which way you go, whether you go left or right, it’s going to be okay. The only thing where it is not okay is if you stand still. So you have to move and it doesn’t matter which way you choose to move because it is going to be okay. And that’s always a good feeling. People are really afraid of change. We are living in a  time where if you don’t change, you’re just missing the whole point. We are in the greatest energy since Jesus walked here or since Moses walked here, since Abraham walked here. We are in a fabulous energy but you have to swim in it, you know? If you have the greatest lake in the world and you never put your toe in, or if you’ve got the fastest car or most luxurious car but you never drive it, then what the point? It’s about moving ahead. And even though it may seem moving back, it’s probably not. It’s probably moving ahead.
If you would like to submit a dream for possible inclusion to appear in this column, please submit your dream in email and give us a phone number. Only submission with phone number will be considered
Walter Perschke is the publisher of Conscious Community magazine, formerly The Monthly Aspectarian, America’s oldest spiritual and metaphysical magazine. Mr. Perschke is a Professor of Metaphysics, writes, teaches, and speaks frequently on metaphysical subjects, and is a popular guest speaker at conferences and seminars. He hosts a weekly guided meditation group. Walter was nominated for an Emmy Award and is a member of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

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