Sunday , June 13 2021

Healing with Horses

Learning to Roll with It

By Blair McKissock Life is not a flat, straight line.  No, that isn’t a surprise. Every day, life throws us something new. Sometimes life throws us a small pebble, other times it throws us a curve ball, and sometimes it throws us a boulder. With all that is thrown at us, we …

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Finding Your “Why”

By Blair McKissock This is the time of year for transition. As the days slowly begin to get longer, and the promise of spring hangs in the air, we emerge from the darkness, and head towards the light. The darkness of winter gives us the chance to confront the shadow aspects …

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Dancing with your Dark Horse

Dancing with your Dark Horse by Blair McKissock, MSEd, RYT Winter is nearly here.  The signs are all around us, and inside of us.  Nature is signaling the change with the bare trees, cloudy days, and breezy coolness.  Internally, our bodies are craving rich foods, warm beds, and lots of sleep.  Not …

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Can We Save All By Saving Half?

Can We Save All By Saving Half? By Blair McKissock, MSEd, RYT On a recent trip to Georgia, I noticed how much land is for sale, being developed, or was developed with obvious new construction.  The recovery of our economy has fueled massive growth in the housing and development economy. …

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