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Publisher’s Letter – March 2019 – Sprouting the Truth

By Kasia Szumal

Katarzyna (Kasia) Szumal Publisher

We live in an era where technology is a major part of our lives. Everything from lightbulbs connected to the Internet in our homes to cars that you do not even need to drive. As we have an abundance of opportunities for how we want to live and spend our time, we need to remember that not everything that shines is gold, and there are consequences of our technology advancements which are not always visible to our eyes, or obvious right away. It might take some time to see (or feel) the effects.

In this issue, you can read Ania Wilewska’s article, The 5th Generation Internet (5G): Crossover of Humans and Machines about 5G technology, the Internet of Things (IoT), where everything is computerized and connected to the grid of smart technologies that will do many things for us. On one hand, life is much more efficient, cheaper, simpler and faster thanks to the Internet and its applications. On the other hand, we are becoming humans without souls, with our highest aspirations being a new phone, car, or “likes” on a post on Facebook.

If you need more energy and to feel more vibrant this spring, I recommend reading Sprouts and Wheatgrass: The Ultimate Superfoods by Colleen Derrico. Sprouts and wheatgrass are one of the most nutrition-dense foods on our planet. You can eat them raw in a salad, add to sandwiches, soups or even to your morning smoothies. Sprouts are surprisingly sweet and are finger foods that your kids will even enjoy eating.

My journey with sprouts began two months ago with a bean sprout cereal for breakfast with some soaked chia seeds and a berry smoothie on top. According to, my breakfast covers over 50% of my daily needs for protein, vitamins and antioxidants. And, I get an energy boost that is better than drinking coffee in the morning! Add more sprouts to your diet and let me know how eating sprouts makes you feel.

With spring returning, we are ready to get outside and return to the hustle-bustle after hibernating this winter! In this month’s interview, Seeking Connection, Janae Jean and Spencer Schluter talk with the authors of the book, Prayer: Forty Days of Practice, Justin McRoberts and Scott Erickson. Justin and Scott remind us how important it is to take time to reflect—even when we don’t feel like we have time to do so—and that we belong to something larger than ourselves.

Those are just some of the articles, and there is much more nourishing information that will rejuvenate your body, expand your mind and feed your soul. Enjoy!

The Best,
Kasia Szumal

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