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DEREK SEAGRIEF (Denmark) International Teacher & intuitive Astro-Psychological Consultant for 40 years; based in Scandinavia; serving clients in UK & USA. Client sessions: Chicago 28 March – 2 April 1-Hour $200 & 2-Hours $250. www.seagrief.com Contact: Tim (+1) 708-829-8958 or Derek (0045) 23 81-76-18.


MICHAEL WHITCOMB HAS SUCCESSFULLY GUIDED AND TRAINED THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE on their path of self-exploration. Psychic, Reiki Master Teacher, High Priest, Ritual Teacher, Astrologer, Crystal Grid Maker, Artist, Poet. Like Soul Empowerment on Facebook. Contact 616-516-0194 to schedule a session.


SANDY RUEVE. Astrology read- ings, personal & universal talis- mans, intention consultations, workshops, retreats. Align in harmony with the Universe.

Sandy is available for astrology readings, talisman consultations, and workshops- Shop, schedule, or learn more: www.intentionbeads.com. (847) 507-3519.

(847) 507-3519