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Embracing Change – Awareness Frees; Acceptance Heals

By Angel Carlton –  Whenever we experience any sort of unexpected change or unpredictable circumstance in our lives, it’s either shocking, surprising, or stops us in our tracks. Every time, life offers us a choice on how to respond. We either accept what’s happening, slip into denial, or avoid it all together, and keep white knuckling through life. If you choose to avoid the situation and keep sweeping it under the rug, …

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Learning to Love Change

By Angel Carlton – We embrace “opportunities” but reject change. Change is merely an opportunity we have yet to discover, and is simply our higher self, reminding us to live our magnificence, to create a life of significance. To fully embrace this truth, it’s helpful to first understand the reasons …

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Millenials: Embracing the Rising Phoenix

By Kasia Szumal Image courtesy of Laura Milnor Iverson, Rising Phoenix, Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.” ~Rumi When I hear the word phoenix, the first thought that comes to me is a new beginning, starting something fresh, a shift, and a big change. …

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Letter From The Publisher – December 2016

Welcome to the December issue of Conscious Community! It feels wonderful to be a part of this community. The most rewarding and inspiring part of this community are the people whose hearts and minds were touched by this magazine, and their lives changed forever. They got inspired to change, and …

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