Monday , November 28 2022

​The Magic of Gratitude


By Keridak Silk 

Fall is the time of reaping the harvest. In many cultures, it also brings celebrations of thankfulness. Gratitude reaps amazing results at any time of year. The magic is that even being thankful for tiny things can make you feel good, change your outlook on life and bring more good things to you.

When you are thankful, even if it is just lip service, you and the energy around you begins to shift. It is like the research on smiling. Turn the corners of your mouth up and you feel better. The same is true for gratitude. Just the act or statement can begin to change your life for the better.

A client of mine, Sarah had a stepchild that grated on her nerves. As the time for a visit came, Sarah would get more and more tense. I suggested the Thankfulness List. Every day, Sarah was to list a few things that she saw as good about her stepchild. She started with two or three items. Her stepdaughter had pretty eyes; she remembered to bring a jacket, and so forth. Each added positive energy between them. Sarah was no longer looking for every issue; instead her focus was on appreciating. The list grew each day. Amazingly, not only did Sarah feel better, more relaxed and happy with her stepdaughter, but the child became happier and less unruly.

Do you journal? Have you noticed that often a journal becomes a place to vent negative feelings? Understand that the more you write hurt, hate or anger the more power you give it; the worse you feel. Change your life by writing a Gratitude Journal. Each entry of gratitude will start an upward spiral. Your aura will change. People will notice that something is different though they may not be able to put their finger on it. They will feel more attracted to you and like you more.

This was true for Jake. He had heard that journaling was a great way to get the feelings out about his wife, Clara; instead, he was feeling worse. He radiated hurt and anger. His wife pulled away which hurt him more. He decided to give a gratitude journal a try. Each night he wrote only about the good things that happened in his day. In the morning, he found he felt lighter. He spent the day looking for more positive stories to write about. He began to see his wife differently and he wrote his gratitude for having her in his life. He reminisced about their courtship, the trips and the activities that they had enjoyed over the years. The more he found thankfulness, the more he found to be thankful for. He shared these memories and daily joys with Clara. Together they started to smile again.

Thanking the Universe, God or Goddess has a profound effect. It makes you feel better the more you express your gratitude. The energetic aura around you begins to glow more positively; others change how they react to you. This may be a gradual change. Become alert to the shifts and changes.

Magically, thankfulness on this magnitude affects the Law of Attraction. Consider the word attraction. Each thought pulls what you want towards you. Living in thankfulness works for all things. Your attitude gives focus to your desires.

Linda wanted a new job. She sent resumes, went on interviews and each time she went in thinking, “Please God, let me get it. I know I won’t get it; I never get anything I ask for.” She was right she didn’t get the jobs. She felt worse and began to have trouble in other areas of her life.

She had heard of the Law of Attraction, but didn’t understand why it never worked for her. Then during a class Linda learned that thanking for small favors could shift energy. She began to remember to be thankful for the little things. Job interviews went better, and she prayed her appreciation. She realized that showing gratitude should not always come after the fact. The Law of Attraction states that what you ask for starts the changes that make it happen. Stating your desire as if it has already happened makes it clear what you wish and that all barriers are gone. She began saying “Thank you God for the new job. I make $10 an hour more and am more satisfied than in my old job.” A few days later, a friend called. There was a great job at her company, and she wanted to recommend Linda.

The magic of gratitude can be applied all year. Being truly thankful has a power all its own; the more you appreciate all the things, people and experiences in your life the greater you feel in abundance. Give and live in thanks.

Keridak Silk, MS, CH Intuitive Counselor and Consulting Hypnotist.  Keridak teaches intuition, divination and takes clients recreate their lives. Keridak lives in Wisconsin and travels. Phone or Web sessions are available. Learn more at  

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