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Cosmic Daily Weather – July 2016

By Kaye Berjot Overview: The larger planets are retrograde this month, so we can expect some external changes. With that said, the expansive energy of Jupiter in Virgo allows us to adapt to these changes with a little more finesse and grace. The New Moon on July 4th gives us ...

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Community Happenings – June 2016

Quentin H. Young Presents The Fate of Humanity: Black Elk Speaks Saturday, June 4  2:00-5:00 pm Illinois ~ Sunday, June 5 2:00-5:00 pm Indiana Sacred Nations Cultural Center Inc.   Presents a Fundraising Seminar with: Quentin H. Young The Fate of Humanity: Black Elk Speaks 501 (c)(3) charity   In 1872 on the ...

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Passion and Prayer

By Alan Cohen The powerful movie Dangerous Beauty recounts the story of Veronica Frankl, a 16th century Venetian courtesan (prostitute for noblemen) who wins the hearts of her clients.  Veronica is beautiful, witty, and full of passion for life and her profession. Her clients feel her terrific life force, and ...

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Letter From The Publisher – June 2016

By Kasia Szumal   Everything is changing; our planet is changing, the climate is changing, we, ourselves are changing. When I was a teenager, I never thought that I would become a vegan, or develop the compassion that I currently have for animals. I never anticipated that I would be ...

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Worlds Apart

By Jim Kaminecki Standing, gazing straight ahead but looking at nothing in particular, something appeared.  It was an insight, much larger in scope than the sum of the parts being seen. The image directly ahead could not have been a more perfect example of comparison and contrast. It was as ...

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