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Drawing The Whole Person: Interview with Michael Reedy, Visual Artist

Interview By Janae Jean & Spencer Schluter This episode, we had an in-depth conversation with the highly regarded visual artist, Michael Reedy. Reedy’s work has been widely exhibited and has received numerous prestigious awards. Through drawing and painting, Reedy bridges the internal and the external aspects of the human experience. ...

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Ask Alecia

By Alecia Rice – Q. I’m dreading our family holiday gathering. I don’t share views with my family about religion, politics or world events. I feel like I’ll be enduring it instead of looking forward to it. Any advice. — Feeling Grinchy A. Dear Feeling Grinchy, My sense is that ...

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Forward Momentum Is A Practice: Why Spirit Guides Like Cartoons

  By Laura Boone – I loved the Flintstones (and yes I am THAT OLD.) I enjoyed the ‘60s vibe of the backgrounds, the cheesy caveman theme and especially the celebrity guest star appearances (remember Ann Margrock and Cary Granite?) When I’m doing readings, my guides send me pictures to ...

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