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Health, Healing & Wellness

Notes on Prince, Pain, and Sleep Deprivation

By Steven Halpern Writing this column on May 8, the news of Prince’s death is still stunning and painful. During a moment of silence at the ZMR Music Awards on Saturday night, you could feel the wave of emotion in the room. It still feels like it happened yesterday.   ...

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Caregiving with Heart

By Deborah Zagorski   Back in mid-2014, I was given a wonderful opportunity. I was asked to provide caregiving services for a lovely woman in my neighborhood. This lady and I had been acquaintances for some time and now our relationship was entering a new era. I was going to become ...

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How to Naturally Detoxify the Kidney

By Staci Culbreath   Do you often feel tired or fatigued? Do your kidneys hurt after eating certain foods? Do you have skin problems such as eczema, rashes, or acne? Do you have frequent urinary tract infections? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, it is time to ...

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Mini-Garden Magic

By Sue Odland   Spring is finally here! A season of new beginnings, new opportunities, and new cravings for fresh greens. A store-bought salad is not the only option.  Consider planting a mini-vegetable garden to delight your body, mind, and senses!  Miniature varieties of vegetables are easy to plant, maintain, ...

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Mindfulness and Music: Fact-Checking the Field

By Steven Halpern   With the presidential primary in full swing now, I find the Fact Checking websites and program segments some of the most valuable.    Over the years, I’ve provided quite a bit of truth telling with respect to the sound healing and New Age music field.   ...

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Get your Garden On!

By Sue Odland As temperatures begin to rise and the arctic cold becomes a distant memory, our thoughts turn to spending more time outdoors. Why not spend some time this year helping the planet and your health by growing your own organic fruits and vegetables? Many people find that food grown ...

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