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Astrology Basics 101

Decoding Astrology

Column: Astrology Basics 101 by Kaye Berjot In a little under a year and a half, I have touched upon a vast number of topics. I started out with beginning astrology, and before you knew it, I was covering more intermediate topics. It’s hard to believe that time has gone ...

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Moon Void of Course (VOC)

Moon Void of Course (VOC) by Kaye Berjot Column: Astrology Basics 101 Throughout the course of the Astrology Basics 101 series, I have covered a great deal of subjects. In some cases the topics were a little more advanced than the traditional basics. I felt it necessary to at a ...

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Eclipses by Kaye Berjot Column: Astrology Basics 101 In September, we finished up eclipse season. There are two types of eclipses; solar and lunar. Solar eclipses occur when the moon is between the sun and the earth. This can also be experienced as a conjunction. Lunar eclipses occur when the ...

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Health in Astrology

Health in Astrology by Kaye Berjot Column: Astrology Basics 101 This month we will discuss the topic of health in astrology. It’s a topic that is top of mind for me, because I’ve recently struggled through a case of walking pneumonia. Although, it didn’t land me in the hospital it sure ...

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