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Midwest Pulse Calendar Listings- October 2016

Sunday, October 2 GONG MEDITATION by Preston Klik, 4pm & 7pm, 1st Sunday every month at Temple Synphorium (Evanston, IL); www.Klik.Love  773-728-2787. MINDFULNESS FOR TEENS & TWEENS: Manage Stress, Regulate Emotions, and Improve Attention, Connection, and Communication TWO Individual 6-week workshop series Sundays, Oct. 2-Nov. 6 2:00-2:45 pm (Tween series) 3:00-3:45 ...

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Constellation Scorpio in the sky

Cosmic Daily Weather – October 2016

By Kaye Berjot October Overview: October starts out with the New Moon energy of Libra that occurred on the last day of September. This means that the energy will flow through the entire month like a breath of fresh air. It also means that there will be a lot of ...

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Community Happenings

Community Happenings – September 2016

Hair Healing Harmonics “Helping to restore balance and harmony within the body” Esteem Services Hair & Wellness Clinic Service Menu Damaged Hair Restoration Treatment Galvanic Scalp Therapy(Electro) Low Level Laser Therapy Aromatherapy Oil blends Full Body Massage Chemical Over-Process Treatment Hair Loss Treatment 12-Week Regimen Location: 4019 W. 175th Street, ...

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Letter From The Publisher – September 2016

Happy 38th Birthday Conscious Community Magazine! I want to start by saying “thank you” to many important people, starting with the founders of Conscious Community Magazine, formerly The Monthly Aspectarian, Guy and Jeanne Spiro. Their vision and hard work started an amazing and informative product, back when New Age thinking ...

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Puskar Sept2016

10-Day Vipassana Meditation Retreat, Part 2

By Theresa Puskar Dhamma Pakasa, Pecatonica, IL June 29th – July 10th, 2016 “A sensation appears, and liking or disliking begins. This fleeting moment, if we are unaware of it, is repeated and intensified into craving and aversion, becoming a strong emotion that eventually overpowers the conscious mind.” – S.N. ...

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Where Terrorism Ends

By Alan Cohen The rash of terrorism around the globe is a problem of highest concern. The attacks in Paris and Brussels make it seem as if we are not safe anywhere. Any sane person has to wonder, “What is our world coming to?” How, then, do we deal with ...

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Vissell IMAGE

The Blessing of Differences

By Joyce and Barry Vissell Our son got married a few days ago to Isaiah, the man of his dreams. In our many years of working with couples, we’ve hardly ever seen such depth of love, respect, and commitment. Whoever feels that only a man and a woman can truly ...

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September… Closing Up Shop

By Elizabeth Summers As we write, say, even think the Number of a particular month, its influence of energy returns to us from the Universe. Perhaps not in a blatant way but be on alert for the subtle influence of each month’s themes. As we move into the energy of ...

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Jim Kaminecki Image

A Synchronistic Journey

By Jim Kaminecki   Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen. – Ralph Waldo Emerson A class was being offered in Falls Church, Virginia on a Saturday in late March that sparked my interest. For weeks I debated whether to attend.  About seven days before ...

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Next-Gen Brain Balancing Music™ Series Now Available

By Steven Halpern File under lemonade: a positive manifestation is that I was inspired to speed up completion of several albums I had begun over a year ago, and which are highly relevant to my situation…and possibly yours. One of the advantages of being an artist-run label is that I ...

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Slivinski IMage

Christina Norlin’s Ravens – Black Glass Feathers And Silver

By Laura Slivinski When Christina Norlin moved to Arizona in 1974 she was a teenager from Chicago, a young artist who had already explored many mediums. She brought sketchbooks filled with drawings, denim jackets covered in elaborate embroidery, and sterling silver pendants on leather cords. Chris finished high school on ...

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The Connection of All Things

By Blair McKissock   Ralph Waldo Emerson believed that "All creation is one." He thought that we should try to live life in harmony with nature. In his works, he talks about our interconnectedness with all things.  Many philosophers and scientists are exploring how we are all connected, from the ...

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Attributes of the Match Bearer

  This live channelling was in Sacramento, California July 2, 2011 To help the reader, this channelling has been revisited [by Lee and Kryon] to provide even clearer understanding. Often what happens live has implied energy within it, which carries a kind of communication that the printed page does not. ...

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Interview with Janet Thompson of Spa La Vie Organic Skin Spa

By Anna J. Anthony Anna Anthony: Janet, what attracted you to working in the skincare industry, and specifically organic skincare? Janet Thompson: In 2009 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. While I was taking my chemotherapy treatments my skin was terrible! It was extremely dry, and started aging more rapidly. ...

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